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A very Burdel Xmas

December 24, 2009

For a last-second celebration, the Burdel Dali Christmas party last Saturday was an epic success. In case you’re just joining us, Burdel Dali is the global music party I host with a bunch of beautiful, crazy people every Thursday night in the LES. We decided to get the crew together with a hot pink Christmas tree, rose-shaped lights, DIY stockings that I sewed together for each attendee, and many other treats.

Between the eggnog, the homemade cookies, and the blizzard that came pouring down (oh, and the best Christmas song ever) we had a blast. Can’t it be Christmas every weekend?!

After we finished up the festivities at home, we all trekked out in the snow to do a little dancing and warm up. Needless to say, that lasted until sunrise.

This is only the beginning of the madness! I’m hosting an official refugee Christmas at my parent’s this year, inviting all of my friends who don’t have family here to celebrate with. Cramming us all into the bedroom I grew up in is going to be entertaining, to say the least.

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