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Aloha! Hey Mishka is a Brooklyn-based blog dedicated to fashion, festivity, and creative living. I have a rabid adoration for all things boho-chic, tropical, and celebratory. Here you’ll find my curated collection of DIY projects, outfits and shopping tips, book and event reviews, and snapshots of my life. In short? Lifestyle inspiration and fuel for your imagination.

I’m all about creative & stylish living from head-to-toe, wall-to-wall. I believe every day is worth a hats-off celebration, and we should always be exploring ways to illuminate our lives with gratitude and dance moves.

What exactly is festivity, and why should you want more of it in your life? Read my personal analysis of festivity here. Hint: it’s not about decking the halls or confetti and champagne.

About me

I’m Mishka (I also go by MC, or Michelle Christina). Mishka is a nickname my Russian friends gave me. It means little bear.  It closely resembles my middle school nickname, Meesha, and my more efficient high school nickname, Meesh. 

I’m a New York native with Greenpoint, Brooklyn roots. I studied visual communications and Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology before launching a career in fashion editorial and styling. More recently, Iv’e established myself as a designer, curator, and content creator. You can read more about my professional endeavors and learn how to work with me at


Editorial street cred? I’ve acted as contributor, guest editor, and copywriter for Refinery29, contributor and copy editor to Untitled Magazine, editorial director for Denim Therapy, blogger for the Food Network’s CityEats NYC blog, and contributor to Independent Fashion Bloggers. I write for multiple entertainment and lifestyle websites, and am basically always producing content with love and enthusiasm. For more on my work, check out my editorial portfolio and my styling portfolio.


 In 2013 I officially launched my line of handmade and curated vintage bohemian accessories and clothing, Bombay Mermaid Trading Co.. Shop the line on Etsy, follow on Instagram, and stay connected facebook page for updates!

 I was the assistant director of Fusion Fashion Show for six years, and I competed in the first two years, while I was still in school. Fusion is one of the most amazing runway competitions in the world, turning out alumni like Alexander Wang and Chris Benz, to name a few.

 I collaborated with Patricia Field to showcase one of her designers in Peru, which was massively fun. You can check out those posts here.

 My styling work was featured on the cover of Elléments Magazine spring 2013. We shot the entire thing in the freezing cold of February in NYC, by the water. It paid off, though.

 I designed embellishment for dresses at Milly while I was still in school. Head designer, Michelle Smith, wore the embellishment I designed when she greeted the audience of her Fall 2009 runway show during NYFW. She was pregnant and totally adorable!

 I cover fashion week here in Hey Mishka every season. You can catch up on coverage by visiting the NYFW page.

 I’m especially obsessed with Peruvian cumbia from the Amazon, otherwise referred to as chicha. Music plays a massive role in my life. I’ve worked as a global music booking agent in addition to my work in fashion, and let me tell you, this is one musical city.

 I live with the love of my life, an inspirational powerhouse and my partner in crime: Raffael. Most of the photos on this blog of me are taken by him. He keeps me grounded and pushes me higher, always. What a gem!

 I am a Libra to the max: emotional, indecisive, hyper-social, creatively motivated, theatrical, and in love with the idea of being in love. This is both a blessing and a curse, of course.

 I take an average of 30,000 photos per year. I never leave my camera behind.

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