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July 10, 2015

Internet! It’s been a minute since I gave some love to my beloved blog. So much has happened since my last post, I don’t even know where to start. Summer is off to a rainy beginning here in Brooklyn, but that hasn’t been slowing anyone down.

Recent days have been all about hard work, streamlining planning big things for the future. I made room for a beach trip and a few evenings with my girls to unwind, but this summer isn’t so much about outdoor concerts or dancing all night for me. I know, it sounds insane. I’m growing up!

hey mishka michelle christina larsen

…also, my hair is a lot darker!

 I moved to a cute apartment in Bushwick with a backyard, high ceilings, a walk-in closet and a sewing studio. The walls are aqua blue and the windows let in all of the sunlight and the explosive jungle-tastic greenery of the outdoors. Yes, in Brooklyn. Crazy, right? It feels like a summer home.

 I’m currently working for John Varvatos as a full time copywriter, working on all facets of the brand’s language, from product copy to email marketing and more. It’s a creative, exciting, intense place to work. I’m loving it.

 I’ve been invited back to show a Bombay Mermaid collection for the Sisters on the Runway 2015 fashion show in Union Square this October. I’ve enlisted an extremely talented stylist, Lesley DeSantis, to curate and consult. She is stellar.

 7 of my DIY projects from this blog are featured on Cut Out + Keep, an adorable DIY site based in the UK. See all of the projects and read my interview here.

 I finally met and hugged one of my heroins, Gala Darling, at her book release party in Brooklyn this month. She gave an uplifting talk in the basement of a bookstore, complete with confetti canons and costume jewelry. She is such an inspiration (and she called me a super babe — eek!).

 I was accepted to the Bushwick Daily writing fellowship, so you’ll be able to see my writing there for the next three months and possibly beyond. I honestly can’t wait to get more involved with my nabe through this experience.

 I’m neck deep in the process of launching an amazing, amazing new website with my friend K, which will be a breath of fresh air and a great resource for young creative people who value travel, innovation, freedom, and being ALIVE over outdated work-a-holic world views. More on that soon.

 I also launched a cute little side project—a digital Etsy shop full of downloadable goodness for organization and productivity. Check it out!

 I booked tickets to Miami this month, since I haven’t really escaped the city on a plane in over a year. Time to sway with the palm trees and celebrate life! Expect copious photos afterward.

There’s so much more, but those are the cliff notes. As you can see, life has been busy. I feel bad for not posting in this blog, and while I tossed around the idea of putting it on hiatus or something, I decided not to stress, and just drop by when I can with eye candy and updates. Sound good?

By the way, even when I’m not blogging often, I’m still all over instagram! Follow me, and let’s view the world through Insta-hued glasses.

Until next time… stay cool, NYC!

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