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Hey Mishka Loves… ♥

April 16, 2015

Thanks to the recent lunar eclipse in Libra, things have been pretty crazy around here lately. This celestial event was all about coming clean in life and making peace with past decisions, narrowing in on what you want to manifest, and hard stops/sudden acceleration in other areas of your life, like career and relationships.

I’m all about spring cleaning, especially when it comes to my actual life, and not just my closet. This week’s link round-up features some ways to re-imagine and rebuild your routine, fall in love with vintage love letters, sit up straight once and for all, and finally shake off the icky feeling of this long, dark winter.


Image via The Guardian.

 The bidding for Frida Kahlo’s unpublished, original love letters went up to $137K today. Can you imagine your rambling facebook messages to long lost loves going up for auction someday? Reading excerpts from them gave me hopeless romantic goosebumps.

  Feeling stuck? Read this and get out of that rut. You’re too full of potential to stay stuck! It might have something to do with your messy workspace, too.

 Not sure how to express yourself digitally? No problem. Just turn your face into an emoji.

  Consider dropping a few haphazard habits to become a more stylish, confident version of yourself. Some of these items may seem superficial, but I’ll be honest: there were some good reminders in there for me!

 Or, just dress like Gwen.

 Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis had a gorgeous daughter. No surprises here!

 Love weekend cocktails, but also love being a health nut? Turns out the two can coexist somewhat peacefully.

 Whatever subway stop you get off at, there’s probably a great date spot nearby… so don’t hesitate to flirt when you’re underground! ;}

 When you sing along to Mariah in the car (and don’t even pretend you don’t), does it sound like Mariah singing along to herself in the car?

 I get a strange kind of therapy out of taking notes by hand during a class, lecture, or work meeting… so this bit of info made me very happy.

 Looking to start up a new job? Here’s the best day to schedule an interview. Want to strike out on your own? Here’s how to open your own online boutique.

 Be genuine. And go to sleep. And sit up straight!

  Turn your home into a sacred space with a little help from ABC Home (or your own DIY decor), and watch the benefits unfold.

 Spring seems like the perfect time to adopt some all-natural beauty habits, doesn’t it? While you’re at it, skip the salon and make your nails awesome at home.

 Keep your internet existence squeaky clean with these tips from Seth.

 Feeling envy? The green-eyed monster comes around to visit all of us at one point or another. Here are some valuable lessons we can take from those moments.

 Stop arguing and eat! Keep meals sacred whenever possible. That includes arguing with yourself.

  I absolutely love this article on emerging from a harsh winter—and from your past, which can sometimes feel like an endless series of cold, dark months. Read it twice.

 Finally, if you’re feeling burned out, here are some ways to come back strong and rejuvenated. Gala to the rescue!

Onward & upward.

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