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DIY: Embellished Stone Weights

April 16, 2015

Having your desk set up near a big window is amazing. Lots of natural light and fresh air, a view of the trees swaying outside along the street as people stroll through the nabe… Papers blowing around as a result of a random breeze, however, is not one of my favorite things.

I’ve done a similar DIY before, but those were for pattern paper and these are smaller, for to-do lists and loose sheets on my desk. Okay, you got me! I just can’t stop decorating rocks. Anyway, here’s how to create some cute weights for your desk.

boho-diy-bindi-bollywood-india-bohemian-stones (1)

 Start with some clean, lovely rocks, which you can find anywhere in the great outdoors. I favor beach rocks, but I found these in Brooklyn. I was walking home from having drinks with friends, and couldn’t resist.

Yes, I probably looked a little weird fishing for rocks in the street at 1AM… but it’s all for the sake of a cute DIY project, so, justified.

boho-diy-bindi-bollywood-india-bohemian-stones (1)

 Gather up some decor (sequins, cabachons, flat back gems) and tacky glue.

boho-diy-bindi-bollywood-india-bohemian-stones (1)

 Apply the tacky glue to the back of your embellishments carefully.

boho-diy-bindi-bollywood-india-bohemian-stones (1)

 Press them down on the surface of the rock and hold for a few seconds to make sure everything stays in place.

boho-diy-bindi-bollywood-india-bohemian-stones (1)

 When applying sequins, I use tweezers or needle nose pliers to place them precisely and avoid getting glue everywhere.

boho-diy-bindi-bollywood-india-bohemian-stones (1)

 I also used some vintage bindis that I found in a shop in the East Village. Their glue was beginning to wear off and they probably wouldn’t have been great on skin, but with a little tacky glue, they work just fine on rocks.

boho-diy-bindi-bollywood-india-bohemian-stones (1)

 Continue embellishing to your heart’s content. Once finished, display them on your window sill, or anywhere, until you need them for paper-stabilizing.

boho-diy-bindi-bollywood-india-bohemian-stones (1)

 These make great gifts. Wrap up a set and give them to a co-worker or even to your mama for mother’s day.

boho-diy-bindi-bollywood-india-bohemian-stones (1)

boho-diy-bindi-bollywood-india-bohemian-stones (1)

Want to see more DIY? Check out my page on Cut Out + Keep.

Many more projects on the way this spring!

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