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Hey Mishka Loves… ♥

March 17, 2015

You know that kind of satisfying, sweet exhaustion that you actually enjoy? The feeling after finishing an epic project, or crashing on your couch after a long, productive day at a job you love? I’m riiiiight there, feeling the weight of the creative projects I’m excited about, a new job, an online class, and a head bursting with ideas. Sometimes you just have to ease into it and let yourself decompress in the midst of this kind of chaos.

In this spirit of this, my link round-up this week includes some information about acupuncture (especially for those who’ve been hesitant about trying it), some tips on not going crazy with daily to-do’s,  permission to stop wearing makeup, an idea for sneaking in a picnic before the warm weather hits, and more fun reads.

boho style mala beads

Image via Boho Daily.

 Looking to brighten your day in just a few minutes? Scroll through this visual list of the 10 most colorful places on earth.

 In case you thought this famous figure skating scandal went away, think again. It’s getting its own museum.

 Need a few good reasons to stop wearing makeup? I especially love this concept for summer—but why not start -now?

 Natural stress relievers, because we could all use a few, amiright?

 …and in case you’re stressed over seeing so many perfect butts in magazines, here’s a celebration of real butts to bring you back down to earth. (And if you have a flawless butt, more power to you! Maybe you’ll just like looking at some butts.)

 Save some money on your spring wardrobe with these clever closet hacks.

 Need an awkward laugh? Friends without the laugh track should do the trick. I’ve blown through every season since it went live on Netflix, and I have a confession to make: I never watched it when everyone else did, so it’s like a whole new kind of couch potato fun for me!

 Liberated elephants? Yes please! Ringling Bros are freeing our giant adorable friends.

 Admit it: we’ve all been looking for a new way to wear blue eye shadow that doesn’t remind us of our shameful middle school beauty routines.

 NYC, this one’s for you—and all of my fellow frustrated commuters. It’s not just you… the subway system sucks more than ever. At least we’re all in this together?

 A researched-backed case for taking daily naps. No arguments here! And speaking of sleep, what IS the perfect bedtime?

 What are women in NYC guilty over shelling out their paychecks on? A few of them sound off here. How many do you agree with?

 A lesson in social media etiquette… this Vogue editor posted a photo of a homeless woman reading Vogue in very poor taste, and got her ass digitally handed to her. I don’t think she was trying to be mean, but that was a bad move.

 Retreat to advance… and look amazing while doing it.

 ABC Home is celebrating Holi with a gorgeous explosion of color. #eyecandy!

 Longing for an outdoor picnic, even though the weather is not quite permitting it? Here’s a perfect picnic hack.

 Thinking about getting acupuncture? Worried about laying around stuck full of needles? Read this. (Also: acupuncture is one of the best things that ever happened to me, and if you live in NYC, go see Yvonne.)

 Did Monday suck? Next Monday won’t!

 Thoughts on decluttering your daily to-do list (meal planning, bills, dishes and more) and getting more done.

 Finally, if you’re still feeling the effects of a wild, festive weekend, here’s your ticket to feeling awesome again.

Here’s to a beautiful week ahead.

 P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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