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Sweet Dreams & Home Offices

March 14, 2015

I’ve heard the argument many times, including by the wise Karim Rashid, and I tend to agree: your bedroom should be a place where you relax, decompress, sleep… and engage in other bed-related activities. It should be free of other distractions and stress triggers, so your body goes into rest-mode (or mojo-mode) when you enter the room.

For those of us living in major cities though, such a luxury is laughable. When space is extremely limited, you’re forced to find ways to pack as many functions into one corner of the apartment as possible, from cooking and yoga to sleeping and working-from-home.

Such is city life, until we win the lotto, right?

chic desk home office

My bedroom in Brooklyn is roomy enough that it would almost be a sin not to make it multi-functional, so I sectioned off a dressing area, sewing area, and laptop station apart from the lounging & sleeping area.

I try to keep the feeling of these areas distinct, so I can still enter into those “modes” when I approached each set up.

In the center of the room, my work-from-home station includes my laptop and speakers, some office supplies like my favorite pens, and minor decor. I like to keep this space super clean and bright to encourage focus. During the day I tie up the curtain to let as much natural light in as possible (it helps me resist delicious daytime naps!).

chic desk home office

The bed is divided in the room by a string of lanterns, and surrounded by warm hues and soft lighting. The natural light through the window on that side of the room is muted by hanging fabric (and a robe I made) to create a calm space and allow for those delicious afternoon naps (a rare but welcome thing).

boho bedroom tapestry urban outfitters bohemian pink mandala

Epic tapestry by Urban Outfitters.

boho bedroom tapestry urban outfitters bohemian pink mandala

The creative corner of the room holds more of my relics and kitschy items that help inspire me and keep me light hearted while I’m experimenting on new jewelry or designs for Bombay Mermaid. I like to switch up the things on my shelf and display a lot of colorful glass, gems, and gifts from friends.

chic desk home office

Next to my work-from-home space, I hung a giant mood board made up of all the imagery that represents the kind of life I want to manifest for myself this year. I don’t always zero in on it, but sometimes when I feel lost or unmotivated, taking a glance at the imagery helps me regain my footing.

boho bedroom tapestry urban outfitters bohemian pink mandala

chic desk home office

It’s a bit crowded, a bit messy, a bit unfinished… but it’s definitely me, and serves its creative and professional purpose while still being a cozy bedroom. It’s an evolving process, and I change things up pretty frequently, but it’s also fun to document the process and look back at the different ways you’ve lived…

Maybe someday I’ll live in a Pinterest board-worthy space. ;}

What about you, sugar? I would love to hear how you decorate and designate areas of your bedroom or apartment. Let me know in the comments. Bonus points for linking to your own blog post so I can check it out!

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  1. April 30, 2015 4:13 AM

    Hi Mishka, yes I agree a bedroom should be a place where you relax, and what you have put together is beautiful!!!!!! The colours blend in and your office has been put together well. Keep it up!!

    • April 30, 2015 8:31 AM

      Thank you Tanya! I’m moving again soon, so I’m excited to re-imagine my new space.

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