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A Fresh Interior

March 5, 2015

Home is more than the place you hang your hat or pass out after a weekend of frivolity, darlin’.

When I chat with friends who feel like they’re in a rut in life, from professional slumps to romantic dry spells, I encourage them to turn an eye towards their own dwelling. Where you wake up and wind down each day has a huge impact on your overall well being.

Crowded, unpleasant spaces that lack creativity and serve only as a catch-all for your clutter can ensure you are never reaching your potential as you go about your day. There’s plenty written on this subject, and I personally love every book by Peter Walsh if you’re looking to dig into the psychology of a home you don’t love,

minimalist boho interior

Today, though, I want to share one of my favorite interior series ever, originally saved from The Glamourai. It’s airy, open, and modern, yet still full of interesting accents and warm touches. Just looking at it gives me a list of ideas for downsizing and curating my space.

minimalist boho interior

Imagine your ideal bedroom right now. Is it the coziest, most delicious place ever? And is your ideal kitchen full of natural light, bouncing off your colored glassware? Do you have pop color throws, tapestries, or super weird art displayed in your common room?

What’s the reality of your space? Does it make your heart sing every time you come home, or walk from room to room?

This is something I know a lot of people in their 20s and 30s struggle with, as our culture celebrates rat-racing rather than zeroing in on the simple (but essential) pleasures in life, like loving your home.

minimalist boho interior

Naturally, you have the power to prioritize it, and spend a weekend—or several weekends—reassessing and planning out a home that acts as a sanctuary to decompress in (and whatever else you might need it to be: Science lab? Bi-weekly poetry slam venue? Mini yoga studio? The options are endless!)

Dream up an interior and work toward making it a reality. Just like everything else in life that’s creative and worth spending time on, it’ll be an ongoing project that evolves as your tastes and interests do, so don’t worry about taking chances. You can always switch out something that doesn’t work.

minimalist boho interior

I hope some of these images inspire you to change up your space for spring, so it really brings you joy on a daily basis. My advice? Aim for awesome, not for perfect. Your home needn’t look like a catalogue! Traces of your existence (like your sketchbook and pencils strewn across your desk or a cat sleeping in a weird place) are what makes home so lovely.

minimalist boho interior

This space is super minimal with boho-chic, globally sourced details, but if you’re into the full blown bohemian look, I can help you get started on the redesign of your dreams.

You can also check out these five ideas for adding simple boho-chic accents to your home for spring.

Stay inspired! Life is an art project.

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  1. March 7, 2015 12:58 PM

    Dear Hey Misha,

    I love your whole blog and your inspiring posts! I just wondered if you had any cool ideas for curtains; decorating a new flat room in boho style with lovely red pink walls – but no curtains yet! Do you have any sites that you could recommend to me (UK friendly too)? Would love your advice! Liz x

    • March 7, 2015 1:08 PM

      Hey Liz! That room sounds amazing! I’d recommend making your own to really get the look you’re going for. For pink and red walls and a boho vibe, you might want to go with guazy sheer muted lime or bright neon yellow, maybe with some cool print/texture — or a navy blue/pink combo to pick up the pink in your walls.

      Check out this search on Pinterest for TONS of inspiration:

      Whatever you end up hanging in the window, to get that vibe you can also hang some pretty mobiles or banners in the window, too.

      I made my own currents for a bedroom two summers ago and since then I’ve become addicted to how simple and fun it is. Even for someone with little to no sewing experience, you’re basically just playing with seamlines on a rectangular shape.

      Here’s the post with some instructions:

      I can’t recommend online shops with good confidence that ship to the UK because I live in NYC, and because I personally DIY most of my interior, but check out the sale racks at your local fabric store for unexpectedly cool textiles to use as window treatments (and if you want a quick fix I imagine a site like Urban Outfitters would have some cool boho curtains).

      Hope that rambling comment helps! It sounds like such a fun project — I’d love to see what you come up with.



      • March 13, 2015 10:59 AM

        Wow thanks so much! Will definitely spend some time on Pinterest and have a browse, and thank you for the colour ideas! xx

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