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Too much pink? Never.

February 28, 2015

That’s what I learned over the past four months, during my full time freelance position as senior copywriter for swim at Victoria’s Secret. There are a lot of reasons this was my favorite job ever, but copious amounts of my favorite hue is definitely one of them.

I don’t usually talk about professional endeavors on my blog, because I consider Hey Mishka a place to come and unwind from the professional hustle. But! Going into work at VS everyday felt very much like walking into a company I myself would manifest: festive, creative, productive, and exciting. 

victoria's secret behind the scenes nyc

When I first arrived, I pranced through the halls from one meeting to the next past huge screens broadcasting previous VS runway shows and larger-than-life murals of the angels reclining in brightly colored skivvies. I wondered, “Who could ever have a bad day here?”

Of course, as the weeks progressed and I got into the grind of one of the world’s most successful companies, I understood that this pleasant work environment came with a healthy dose of stress-from-hell. Thanks to my colleagues sharing their inspiring problem solving skills, however, those moments were quickly translated into fun challenges.

victoria's secret behind the scenes nyc

I could go on and on about the holiday parties, the fun side-projects (I was once tasked with producing a batch of oversized red lips for party decor), and the innovative digital initiatives I worked on, but I just wanted to document this moment as I finish up my contract, before I move onto the next endeavor.

It feels so good to love what you do!


If you want to check out what I worked on and get way into vacay mode, check out the swim landing, Bikinipedia, Swim Stylist (it’s a fun quiz, take it!), a the swim tv special, the boho video, the trend edit and the swim essentials shop.

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