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Lovey Dovey

February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day, babes! I hope your day is full of sweetness, whether you’re spending it with your S.O. or a bunch of your friends.

Even though the day is almost done, it’s not too late to watch Gala’s advice on “surviving” v-day if you’re feeling less than festive about this greeting card company dominated holiday. My opinion? What could be better than a holiday celebrating love?!

V-day scrooges, take note: any holiday can be celebrated in your own way. No one says you have to buy in to the commercial hype or do something generic. Making your own traditions and finding your own ways to celebrate is what makes life exciting!


My plans this year include chowing down heart-shaped cookies, treating myself to some heart-shaped Mexican folk art (I’ll show you tomorrow, so gorgeous) vegging out with a bunch of my closest girl friends, and a crazy dance party all night long. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to dig through my closet and find a pretty dress to wear…

heart shaped cookies pink


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