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Monday DIY: Applique Cut-Out Tee

November 3, 2014

It’s Monday, and you know what that means… time to get crafty! For this week’s DIY, I did a little bit of t-shirt surgery. The finished product is a tie-dye cut-out crop top, made from a previously existing top that I picked up at a Salvation Army store in Brooklyn. Wear this over a knit turtle neck in the fall or pack it away for your next vacay. Instructions below.


Step 1. Put the top on to measure where you want the cropped hem. I like the front a little bit higher than the back hem, to create a draped effect. Cut while laid flat.


 Step 2. Cut semi-circle shapes from the shoulders. Start small and try on the top a few times to determine how much to cut (remember, it’s easy to cut more, but you can’t add fabric back).

Tip: If your fabric is fray-resistant, a rough edge will be fine. If not, you may have to turn in the edge and do a straight stitch to keep things in place.


Step 3. Cut a triangle (or whatever motif you’re into) from some contracting fabric. I chose a pre-interfaced gold faux-reptile skin material that had a bit of stiffness and was easy to work with. Position it on your top, and pin it down.


Step 4. Whip stitch the applique in place. A thick, contrasting thread can create an interesting visual accent. Need some help? Learn to whip stitch here (it’s super easy).


That’s it! The key to making this one super cute is selecting a cool print, and a colorful fabric to create the applique.



I gifted this top to one of my amazing gal pals. It’s an easy and unique gift idea if you have an occasion coming up too.

Happy slicing!

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  1. isabella permalink
    November 3, 2014 9:41 AM

    This is such a cute top! I have a pair of paints that would look really good with it, though I think jeans could look great too!
    I will make this for a Christmas gift for my BFF!

    • November 3, 2014 7:04 PM

      Thanks Isabella! You’re right, it’s a really good gift idea. I might make a few more in different colors for Christmas gifts this year. ;}

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