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Monday DIY: A Tropical Tank

October 27, 2014

After a wildly creative weekend and the showing of my second collection for Bombay Mermaid at the Sisters on the Runway fashion show, I want to share a DIY from the runway this morning!

Here’s a simple tank I layered with a sheer ombre maxi skirt for a summery resort look. This fabric was sourced from the vintage archives of the Fashion Institute of Technology. It’s wrinkle proof and super light, which means it goes into your suitcase in a snap for your mid-winter tropical getaway.


 1. Draft a pattern. To keep things simple, you can lay your favorite tank down on paper, folded at center front. Trace off the front and the back, adding 1/2″ to the side seam and shoulder seam, 1″ to the hem, and 1/4″ to the neckline.

Note: Simplify it further if you have fray proof fabric and want to go for a simple raw edge (in that case, you won’t need seam allowance).

boho style tropical tank diy

2. Pin and cut the front and back with the center front of the pattern aligned with the fold of the fabric. Your grain (the direction of the fabric) will vary depending on your print or the effect you’re going for. In general, you should lay your pattern parallel with the selvedge of the fabric.


3. Cut out multiple tanks at the same time and blow through the simple seam-sewing one after the other to get the most out of your sewing session.


4. Stitch the side and shoulder seams together. Press your seams from inside and outside the garment with an iron set to the appropriate heat level for your fabric. I ironed on a low setting for this vintage synthetic blend.


5. Try your top on and make any necessary adjustments. If you have a serger, you can serge the hem and seam allowance to prevent fraying.



Make this tank in a heavier knit or darker color and pair with a cardigan to wear during the fall (or do a tropical print like mine, and pack it for vacay).

Happy sewing!

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