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Hey Mishka Loves… ♥

October 21, 2014

Welcome to Hey Mishka Loves…—the semi-weekly link round-up of stylish, festive content from my favorite blogs and morning reads. Today we’re looking at a few ways to refresh your life and move into your next phase of personal growth, from writing to the interior of your apartment, as well as how to pretty-up your tech and get excited for Halloween!

diy headphones

Image via A Pair & A Spare

 Give your morning commute a little flavor by covering your headphones in gems! I’d say the key to making this one a stylish endeavor (as opposed to a tacky one) is using anything except basic round white rhinestones.

 When you get to work and feel like your desktop needs a little punch as well, check out Design Love Fest’s list of super colorful, cute, and motivational tech downloads. I have all of the tropical ones on rotation. And while you’re over there, grab the pumpkin chai latte recipe, too.

 It’s about time for witches, goblins, and ghouls ya’ll. Here are five movies with stylin’ ladies who dabble in black magic and look great while doing it.

 I am blown away by how colorful and inspiring the interior (and exterior) of this house is. I’m especially loving the bright yellow cabinets with the mirror windows (and everything on the kitchen counter). Successful design is when it looks completely effortless and lived in, yet still aesthetically delish.

 A little food for thought for when you’re trying to recover from a painful situation. See also: how small changes can help you change your life.

 Something for fellow bloggers and writers—though this advice applies to anyone producing work that people see and respond to: how to produce genuine content, without worrying about how many “likes” or comments you get. And another side of the same coin: a few potential reasons why people aren’t reading your blog.

 Ever feel something and wish there was a word to describe it? Maybe there is! Just not in English. ;}

 Do you need a sewing kit? Of course you do! I love this idea for a gift, or just to keep in your suitcase for last minute repairs or mini DIY projects. Let’s not forget how a bit of creativity can brighten up a crappy day.

 Finally, since fall is the perfect time for a home refresh, check out these 13 ways to infuse your home with a bit of magic. Enjoy.

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