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Costume Party!

October 17, 2014

Alright, it’s time. Let’s talk Halloween costumes.

But first, it’s my birthday! Today I’ll venture into Brooklyn and let the universe guide me to a trendy boutique full of sundries and stationary, where I’ll pick out a new notebook to start scribbling my musings and genius ideas in. The first page will be a list of resolutions for my new year. One of them will be to stop making lists. They just don’t work out for me. So, that list will be my last list. I swear.

From there I’ll careen over to Fuego 718, AKA shop of Libra dreams, and secure myself some Dia de los Muertos bling. Or, just absorb the beautiful chaos that is traditional Mexican art fused with artisanal handmade jewelry and bohemian whatnot. The rest of the day will be consumed by model fittings for the Sisters on the Runway fashion show, where I’m showing my second runway collection for Bombay Mermaid.

Anyway, what are you going to be for Halloween? I think I’ll forgo my usual Scheherazade-on-ayahuasca costume and dream up something new. Below are some links to get you inspired in case you’re tired of your usual bag’o’tricks for All Hallow’s Eve as well.

Here’s my Dia de los Muertos face paint from last year (a yearly ritual that comes after Scheherazade-on-ayahuasca). Fun fact: the party I was going to got canceled that night, so I sat around drinking tea with this face!


Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

  Here’s a collection of 80s-inspired costumes… but before you roll your eyes, spoiler alert: Bob Ross is one of them. So is Salt-N-Pepa, Yeeeah.

 Crazy, creepy makeup ideas to try. I’m sort of obsessed with #9. Also see: Rookie Mag’s roundup of ideas to make you look “edible, adorable, dangerous, or just plain dead.”

 A statement crown can be as good as a full costume, as is the case with this snow queen crown tutorial. Not enough? Add a fishtail and become a mermaid queen.

 With seemingly endless resources, you’d think celebrities would have the best costumes, right? True and false. Here’s a throwback review of some A-list costumes… and also, this. Famous New Yorkers, represent. Runway models should probably always dress like Sailor Moon characters.

 Play-on-word costumes are something I don’t completely understand for the spookiest night of the year, but then again, I just got excited about dressing up as Bob Ross in the first link. This lineup is hit and miss, but there are a few gems.

 My favorite standby: Bollywood superstar. You’re welcome.

 Feeling really lazy this year? Grab this dress, scroll through this tutorial on post-production Halloween effects, and call it a night.

Haaaappy costume idea hunting! And look, I drew some magical pumpkins for you.

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