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Hey Mishka’s Workout Mix!

April 21, 2014

I couldn’t be more pleased to report that in 2014, I’ve been living up to one of my most crucial resolutions: to stay active and break a sweat. Let me explain:

One of my favorite summers ever was in 2007. I was young, spirited, in the midst of Fashion School, madly in love, and super fit. I spent weekdays in the Hudson Valley playing in the sun, clocking hours at the gym at night. I spent weekends in the city partying with friends, terrorizing Coney Island, the East Village, and any electro party we could find. I put all of my favorite music from those parties on my mp3 player and brought them to the gym, which kept me running on that treadmill like a track star (out of excitement for the weekend, natch).

Can you guess which of these activities made me feel so alive? While at the time I thought it was the cinematic, sequined social frivolity, star-crossed love story and vitamin D (a.k.a. awesome tan), it was actually the record amount of time I spent working out and staying fit.


Image via Ida Gets Fit

How do I know this? Life always takes a turn for the worse when you stop being active. Lack of energy, poor digestion, groggy mood, general blah-ness takes over when you don’t get your blood pumping once in a while. That’s a fact.

Every year since that golden summer, I’ve written “go back to the gym!” in bold red letters across my resolution list, just like everyone else. Finally, this year, it was no longer a cliche resolution, but a call to action.

So far, so good! I feel amazing (though very much in-progress), and I want to share some of the music I have on my own very multicultural workout playlist.

Hey Mishka’s Workout Mix!

Warm up:

 Dengue Dengue Dengue! – Simiolo

 Justice Feat. Uffie – The Party (LA Riots remix) 

 Le Tigre – I’m So Excited


 Electric Youth – Replay (Bestrack Remix)

 Hamasaki Ayumi – STEP you x THE YOUNG PUNX

 Outkast – B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)

 Little Boots – Love Kills (Buffetlibre vs Sidechains Mix)

 Metric – Gold Guns Girls

 Caravan Palace – Brotherswing

 Geeta Zaildar & Miss Pooja – Seeti Mar Ke

 Icona Pop – All Night

 Men – Credit Card Babie$

Cool Down

 Enanitos Verdes – Mil horas

 Sneaky Sound System – It’s Not My Problem

 King Coya – Trocitos De Madera (KC Version)

Note that these are just tracks I love working it to, and I don’t specifically endorse any lyrics, video footage, or anything else associated.

As for my born-again gym-lover story… Yes, being in the upper 20’s probably had something to do with it, both in an omg-I’m-not-25-anymore way and a I’m-officially-old-enough-know-better kind of way.

But on my first trip back to the gym of 2014, I knew that my DIY neon sneakers and mp3 player packed with rad music, and of course, my desire to be my best self, would help me stick to it this time.

It’s the year of the horse, after all. Full speed ahead!

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