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Lululand’s Tabletop Mandalas

April 17, 2014

Setting the table with eclectic vintage glassware amps up the appeal of any sit-down occasion, and while I usually cruise Pinterest for inspiration before such an affair, I think I’ve found at least a year’s worth of inspiration in Lula Aldunate’s tabletop mandala series.

Lula Aldunate, aka Lulaland, is the artist behind this beautiful series of mandalas, arranged with coasters, plates, and small bowls on vibrant printed fabrics. Her photo styling skills are out of control, but you might also draw a deeper meaning from this project. Everyday objects like the table settings we sit in front of, when viewed just so, can reflect the spiritual realm of the universe, much like a mandala.

It just goes to show that when you really look for magic, you will find it.






tabletop mandala

See the full series at Honestly WTF.

I love when common things become stunning art, simply with some smart arranging and a chance in perspective. If these were from an Etsy shop, imagine how wildly popular they would be!

Now that vintage china has found its footing in the spiritual and sentimental realm (I jest, kind of!), I’ll be sure to view it in a different light next time I’m scouring the shelves of Junk

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  1. April 21, 2014 11:14 AM

    These are so stunning and inspirational! I love to find mandalas in nature but now I will start to look for them everywhere.


  1. Mandala Monday | Create to Meditate

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