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Rangeen ~ Freida Pinto for Free People

April 8, 2014

Freida Pinto traveled to Rajasthan, India to shoot the Free People‘s latest catalogue where her character preps for a friend’s wedding and celebrates Holi—the amazing spring holiday where everyone flings colored powder at one another until entire cities are matted in brilliant hues. In the romantic, narrative video, there is a discussion of whether or not “love” is just an illusion, ironically on a backdrop so beautiful that it practically is love manifested into physical space.

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From Free People:

“When it comes to love, there are always barriers that try to stand in our way.They may be large, they may be small… but it’s never easy. One of the most magical feelings is when you lock eyes with someone, and in that moment a connection is formed. The challenge comes when you need to fight for that connection — whether it is something external or internal that you are battling.

Our latest short film depicts this connection between two souls, played by Freida Pinto and Thomas Bull. As they find themselves amidst an explosion of color during Holi, the rain begins to come down, washing away any doubts, fears, or uncertainties. Lose yourself in the magic of our latest short film, Rangeen.”

Free People continues to release video lookbooks that tell more in depth stories about human emotion—a refreshing departure from the classic “fashion film”, if you ask me.

What do you think?

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