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Featured on the Boho Daily Blog!

April 7, 2014

So honored and excited to have been featured with an interview on Boho Daily—a source of non-stop inspiration and beauty. I was asked to discuss the ways I try to inspire my community and live a life of intention, which resulted in a pretty open look into my world.


An excerpt:

We had the chance to chat with native New Yorker, writer and yogi, Michelle about her experiences with gemstones, writing and how she gets inspired. Here is what this uber boho goddess had to share with us!

What do you do to inspire your community?

Through my blog, Hey Mishka, I explore the various ways life can be illuminated with creativity and aesthetics. I’m a big believer in the little things: moments where the universe funnels beauty right down in front of you. I believe this is translated physically into things like beautiful design, songs that make you want to cry (or dance), a chance meeting on the subway with a soul mate…

I often refer to this as “festivity”, which I feel is an undervalued term many of us associate with dollar store holiday décor and birthday cakes.  Really, festivity is a way of life. It’s about gratitude and infusing love into everything you touch. Life is a holiday, isn’t it?

Who and what inspires you?

 As an overtly romantic Libra, I’m inspired by emotions and dreams and little moments that feel special. It might be a performance I’m watching, an incredible conversation, or sitting front row at NYFW (I freelance as a fashion writer). Life is constantly giving us gifts in the form of inspiration.

Immediately my recent trip to Peru comes to mind. I traveled between three cities and I honestly felt like I was going to short circuit from all the beauty.

How do you set intentions in your life?

 I dig deep!  When an idea sets my soul on fire or scares the crap out of me, I know I’m onto something. As an aesthetic person who falls for the “idea” of things pretty often, I have to do some investigating inside my heart to stay true. I’ll be browsing Instagram, see a pretty photo, and restructure my whole life in my mind. Then I’m like, “Woah, slow down, tiger.”

What advice do you have for all the boho yogis out there?

 Life is a DIY project! None of us are ever “complete”. We keep collaging, keep adjusting, keep adding layers and taking them off again. Accepting evolution on both physical and spiritual levels is a must for staying sane and letting your creativity shine.


Read my interview here!

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