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It’s The Little Things That Count…

April 6, 2014

Last year around this time, I was recovering from an emotionally difficult moment in my life. Working from home, I spent an excessive amount of time alone, and just as much time dwelling in my own head (which can be emotionally counterproductive when life has gone awry). One afternoon as spring just began blowing its first kisses over Brooklyn, I was walking aimlessly, replaying this turmoil in my mind, wondering if my life would ever be lighthearted and joyous again.

Of course, my life did become lighthearted and joyous again, and if you’re going through dark times right now, rest assured yours will too, even if you find it nearly impossible to believe at the moment.

Anyway, my train of self-defeating thought was interrupted at the sight of a small Tibetan shop, its window exploding with embroidered tapestries, beaded curtains, harem pants, jewelry, and sequined knickknacks. I’m a Libra, ever romanced by the world around me after all, so I wandered in with sparkling eyes and my nose was met with the comforting smell of incense. I knew at once this detour on my route was meant to sooth me.


Once inside, I found myself browsing beaded gemstone bracelets, in awe of their colors and texture. Below each variation of gem there was a piece of paper stating the special property of that bead. Some inspired fertility, others good health. I instinctively picked up three and tried them on my wrist: a clear quartz (which opens the heart to higher guidance), a black onyx (which inspires self discipline), and a turquoise (protection against evil).

Was I magically enlightened, invincible, or pure by handing over my cash and calling these beauties my own? Of course not. But the moment I chose these three little pieces of magic, I declared my intentions to the universe. I do believe gems have “magic” properties, and while there’s no smoke and glittery POOF, there certainly is the enigmatic power of manifestation and intention.


I wore these bracelets in a certain order, daily. In the morning, I pulled them over my hand onto my wrist and felt peace wash over me. I couldn’t leave the house without them. It was all at once a reminder of the emotional journey I was facing, and the actual changes I wanted to put into motion in my life. Without uttering a sound, they kept me aware of my personal truth throughout the day. It was a powerful feeling, because I had intentionally chosen to adorn myself in symbols of change.

I’m telling you this story today because it was an important turning point in my life, but also because it was a stepping stone in my spiritual evolution and belief in manifestation. You don’t need anything physical to manifest good in your life, but aesthetically beautiful reminders help. For this reason, I want to share one of my personal favorite brands with you: Tiny Devotions.

tiny devotions boho style

Tiny Devotions is a beautiful company that exudes positivity and pure boho-bliss. They offer a wide range of stylized mala beads (prayer beads originally used by Buddhist monks, but worn around the world for thousands of years) with variations of gemstones, tassels, and materials. The beads are intended to bring specific energies into the life of the user, from beads that bring sweet dreams or improved communication to relaxation and serenity.

I immediately identified with this brand due to their beautiful mission. Their manifesto features inspired phrases and words that called to the very center of my being (“take the ocean with you, rule the world in your moccasins, floral prints and boyfriend blazers”), and I think after reading my story above, you know why.


If his gives you happy-chills, we’re on the same page:

“We are the chai drinkers, the adventurers who worship the sun, play in the ocean, wear their hair in beach waves (even if they live in the city) and set intentions every step of the way.

The Tiny Devotions girl is free spirited and connected but is also driven to leave her mark on the world while turning heads as she does it. Her ballerina bun in place (maybe a few stray hairs) she creates her own path, sets daring goals, always follows her intuition and does not sweat the small things.” ( )

tiny devotions boho style

On Tiny Devotions you’ll be encouraged to set intentions for your life: to live mindfully, spiritually, gratefully, and in such a way that you never forget you’re alive.

So much of our modern existential dilemma is that we spend our waking hours obsessing over tasks and to-do lists, and we forget how crucial it is to connect to ourselves on a spiritual level. Mala beads may look like pretty jewelry, but they are a physical reminder of this basic human need as well.

Inspired to develop or receive unconditional love? Rose quartz is the stone for you. It carries the energy of intimacy, peace, and love. Craving or anticipating a new beginning? There are mala beads dedicated to break-ups, creation, and centering. Mom-to-be (or want to be?) Check out mala beads dedicated to motherhood energy. If your intention is prayer, shop 108 mala beads. Traditional mala beads come in strands of 108, used for keeping count while reciting mantras and prayers.


To learn more the mission behind this beautiful company, watch their video here. Once you’ve set your intentions, you can shop a huge variety of mala beads at Tiny Devotions. I hope something calls to you the same way my beaded gem bracelets did in the Tibetan shop last March.

Let’s live vibrantly, violets! Thank you for letting me share my story with you.

All my love…

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