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#NYFW SKINGRAFT Pairs Future-Chic With Animal Motifs

February 17, 2014

One dilemma many designers struggle with is how to seamlessly mesh a strong point of view with wearable styles. SKINGRAFT began in the mind of performance artists and costume designer Jonny Cota, who had to focus both on wow-ing the audience with wearable, functional clothing. The FW14 line more than addressed the aforementioned equation, appearing totally badass while at the same time, super-cozy.



The name comes from the brand’s early years, when limited resources found the designer and his brother salvaging leather jackets from thrift stores and slicing them up to create epic works of fashion-art. I felt a little bit of ThunderCats excitement well up in me when I spotted wolf and tiger face motifs coming down the runway on embossed, textured jackets. There were big hoods, oversized draped hems, shimmering punctuations of hardware, adjustable drawstrings, and high collars.

The men’s styles were quintessentially masculine, with a post-apocalypse warrior aesthetic. The women’s styles, though equally badass, had very feminine concepts woven in.








The hats-with-ears were covetable on both the male and female models.




Also, fun fact about the video of the show, which you can watch here. You can also see me in the front row if you look to the right. ;}



Post-show, I reclined at home with my pink VAIO and my take-home Starbucks vanilla latte. Not quite as good as the over-the-counter, but perfect for late, late nights of writing and photo editing.


This season’s round-up of coverage is coming to a close. Just a few more rounds of runway magic to share with you before I move on to embracing spring style. ;}

Until next post…

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