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Neon Hearts & Love Notes

February 12, 2014

We’re taking a break from NYFW madness this morning to discuss something even more pressing: That romantic day in February when cupid swoops into your apartment and shoots an arrow into your back while you’re looking at omelets on Instagram.

Yes, Valentine’s Day

I normally deck the halls for this warm and fuzzy day of the year with paper heart bunting. However, this year when I packed up the Christmas tinsel, I also packed up outdated holiday trimmings to donate. I decided to refresh my inventory and, in some cases, redefine my approach to decor .

valentine's day DIY nyfw

NYC-dwellers are constantly looking for ways to reduce clutter and streamline apartment living, so when BIC sent me a set of Magic Marker® brand Window Markers to test out some hot pink heart-shaped scribbles, I took to my mirrors and windows with the enthusiasm of a cherub with a sugar rush.

Valentine’s Decor that I don’t need to store? Bright neon colors that look fab on first application and wipe off with a wet paper towel when I’m tired of them? Dare I say, it was love at first uncap.

valentine's day DIY nyfw

valentine's day DIY nyfw

Just like that, my slushy Brooklyn block becomes a swirly romantic vista.

In fact, when I stop and think of the possibilities, my mind is filled with pink mustaches strategically scrawled on the bathroom mirror, motivational quotes on the glass pane of the kitchen door, and a big neon “STFU!” written backwards on the window facing the street to deter horn-honking delivery trucks in the early hours of the morning.

(Juuust kidding about that last one).


If you want to get your hands on some Magic Marker® brand Window Markers, they’re available at Staples, on sale until the end of February, for all you lovers (both single and attached) who want to give your abode some hand-drawn charm. Grab the pink jumbo marker and the red & white 2-pack.

valentine's day DIY nyfw

Now that I’ve got scribbles out of my system, I’m going to find something awesome to wear on my Valentine’s Day date, and then get back to checking the latest from the runways.


valentine's day DIY nyfw

Creativity and experimentation (not to mention fun holiday D.I.Y.) is essential to surviving the cold winter. What ways are you keeping the creative juices flowing?

Sending love from frozen NYC…


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