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#NYFW Costello Tagliapietra + Stylish Sips at The London NYC

February 8, 2014

How to keep warm during NYC winter? Be really, really busy. Not even a bad tempered Jack Frost could stop the fashion crowd from getting their front row goodie bags. Milk Studios was a mad house on Thursday when I went to see Costello Tagliapietra. Street style photographers were literally knocking people over to get shots of show goers and models-off-duty. They also had frost bitten knuckles from stalking around in the cold for hours.Talk about suffering for your art.


Costello was pretty and feminine, if a bit tame: jewel tones, flawlessly tailored pants, and off-shoulder jackets over cozy knit dresses were the stand-out elements. Below are some of my favorite looks. Watch the show here.




After the show I went uptown to The London NYC, where the bar is serving up Fashion Week flavored cocktails for the entire month of February. Aparna and I agreed on the Front Row as a favorite (Kenwood Sparkling, St. Germain Elderflower liquer and fresh strawberries), though I also loved the delicious pisco and blood orange liquor-based Glamazon.






Everything from the retro-meets-mod decor to the super-friendly staff made the experience a delight, and something tells me we’ll be back soon…!



A day of fashion and fizzy spirits? I’ll drink to that.

See you tomorrow!

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