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The End Of January

January 31, 2014

True story. It’s 8:13PM on a Friday.

My inbox is stacked a mile high with back logged 30 day yoga challenges, health and wellness newsletters full of info I’m going to utilize (I swear!) as soon as I have a minute to read it all, emails from clients checking in on projects that all need my attention immediately, and reminders to get back on Duolingo and estudiar some español.

I’ve just plucked a few gems of inspiration off Pinterest, ran through my RSS and gawked at the latest creative projects of my favorite e-personalities, and wondered silently if isn’t too late to do something awesome with this evening.

I run to the deli across the street for some veggie chips (and accidentally buy a soda – oops), tell the clerk I’ll give him the 50 cents I owe him tomorrow, run back up the stairs and realize I’m completely out of breath. I haven’t been to the gym in more than a month. To top that off, it’s only Friday, and I’ve already used up my hangover quota for the weekend.

It’s the tail end of January, and I’m living like it’s 2013.

New Year's Resolutions

I’m well aware that change doesn’t happen over night, and that guilt over less-than-ideal choices, especially at the beginning of a year long journey to reach enlightenment by 2015 (hahaha), doesn’t serve anyone.

But no one likes it when their proverbial fresh page has consecutive blobs of ink splattered onto it, rather than lines of beautifully scrawled cursive. In the first days of the new year, we all want to feel that “change”. To immerse ourselves in that vision of improved health, better relationships, a cleaner apartment, an unchipped manicure… you know?

All of this rumination over change and evolution had me thinking…

Blogging, over the past few years, allowed me to maintain public accountability, share my progress, experience and report on exciting events, dress up a little more, and keep the creative juices flowing. It has been a hobby as well as professional endeavor that has contributed to my communication skills and allowed me to develop some awesome relationships. And while I still write for other blogs professionally, I have really missed collaging inspiration and ideas here.

During my hiatus from Hey Mishka, I made pretty awesome progress on my shop, Bombay Mermaid Trading Co (100+ sales!), read a ton of self-help and business books, met with mentors and brilliant friends, and sketched out a plan via moodboards and resolution lists for the new year.

Did I learn a lot? Definitely. But as Marie Forleo often preaches, insight without action won’t make a difference. It’s time to dive back in to my projects head first, including Hey Mishka, and start kicking up sand again. I have stacks of notebooks and gigs of google docs bursting with ideas that I can’t wait to share with you, so even though my fancy new layout isn’t quite ready and I haven’t done the server transfer that I’m planning to do, I’m revving this big neon festivity-machine up again.

Guilt free!

As for January’s mistakes and failures to act according to my archived Mind Body Green newsletters, I’m cutting myself some slack. I’ll gradually employ the health-conscious, energy-inducing habits that I know will saturate every area of my life in an awesome way. It doesn’t all have to happen at once.

So onward, upward, and let the creative, stylish festivity begin! ;}

See you very soon.

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