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Hey Mishka Loves… ♥ Link Round-Up

October 15, 2013

Welcome to Hey Mishka Loves…—the weekly link round-up of stylish, festive content from all around e-town. I had a particularly fruitful week, methinks, collecting rad stuff to muse over, reference and become inspired by. I hope some of these will delight you on this lovely Tuesday evening…

pink mood board

 A Beautiful Mess rounded up 30 of their best apartment upgrade ideas for renters and those of us who don’t really want to bust out a paint can. My favorite is a color blocked mood board that you can washi tape your ideas to (pictured).

 Calculating your wardrobe according to cost-per-wear could make you a smarter consumer and cut down on the stuff-you-don’t-actually-wear pile.

 Ever wonder what your favorite 90s cartoon characters would look like in designer clothes?

 The health benefits of bananas—my favorite fruit!

 If you’re not already on the de-clutter train, I think it’s time to board! Free People wrote a guide to living simply, and as with everything they publish, it’s just lovely.

 Memorize these babe-tastic hair tutorials for your epic Halloween costume.

 Get your pencil and paper out! Here are 20 life lessons you just don’t get taught in school.

 What would you do if some paranormal sh*t started going down in a coffee shop? I’m pretty sure I’d react like most of the people in this video.

 For those obsessed with The Great Gatsby, or just sweet on 1920s slang, you can brush up on some classic phrases and casually slip them into conversation this weekend. My favorite’s probably “Bushwa!”

 Need a pick me up? Watch this. I cannot get enough.

 An epic, gorgeous collection form Valentino for spring 2014. Royal bohemian much?

 Got a minute to plan for your next trip? Here are 101 tips for travel, from combating jet lag to which planes to fly in. Whether you spend more time in the air than on land or jet off on the occasional vacay, you’ll probably find something helpful.

 How does Diane Von Furstenberg start her day? I rather like this morning ritual.

 Another gem from Free People: how to create an autumn atmosphere in your home.

 You might be sabotaging yourself at work by using some of these phrases too often. Check yo self!

 The incredible makeup routine of Marilyn Monroe, right before your eyes. Warning: this may induce a Sephora website raid.

 So, so epic: the creative costumes of pagan ritual ceremonies. This may be the spookiest Halloween inspiration you’ll come across, though many of them are actually worn during winter solstice.

Hosting a giveaway tomorrow, so check back!

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