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Hey Mishka Loves… ♥ Link Round-Up

October 8, 2013

Welcome to Hey Mishka Loves…—the weekly link round-up of stylish, festive content from all around e-town. It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, and no better way to bring them back than with some epic gold eyebrow action. Thanks, Dior.


 Need a laugh? Witness a day in the life of a self-employed blogger/stylist in this expressive and informative mini-film, “All by my Selfie”. Too many parallels to real life!

 Conscious consumers, rejoice! Slapping “recycled” on a label isn’t gonna cut it anymore, now that a new standard of recycled product labeling is being rolled out across multiple industries.

 It’s fall. The leaves are changing, the mornings are crisp, cozy sweaters and hot cocoa are nigh! Do you really want to spend your time scrolling your news feed or endless insta-stuff? Here’s a few tips to spend less time on social media, so you can enjoy this amazing time of year with actual people.

 Halloween is just around the corner (!), and though I’m tempted to start listening to Christmas music already (yeah, I’m festive-crazy, but I also work in fashion and we’re all gearing up for holiday gift guides right now), I’ve found the perfect online radio to fill my days with spooky, super fun Halloween-y tunes. Check out Halloween Radio online—I recommend the oldies station!

 Applying for jobs right now? Here’s a tip for writing cover letters that will change your mindset from the get-go and increase your chances of making the cut.

 Get inside the mind of Refinery29’s editor in chief, Christene Barberich, one of my personal heroes and first editorial mentors when I began as a writer. She’s just so damn cool.

 Shimmering gold eyebrowsa new trend for the holiday season? I might just try it out at the office Christmas party. OhwaitIworkfromhome.

 This probably won’t come as a shock, but most of us need a reminder: stepping out of the rat race and into the realm of self-care and inner peace will result directly in more productivity and better work.

 Award-winning Peruvian fashion designer Meche Correa put a colorful, gorgeous runway show on in Madrid this season, and it inspired my socks off. Need another reason to support and adore Peru? Here.

 In the mood to dance? I am never not in the mood to dance, and I’ll do it right in my kitchen. But if you’re one of those people who wants to dance at a great party with swell music and a dee-jay and mixed dranks and all, check New York Mag’s top places to dance it off in NYC right now.

 What happens when classic—even ancient—statues are dressed like any other citizen of Williamsburg? This.

 Here are 7 ways you never thought to use your bra. The gas mask is my favorite. Wouldn’t have thought to grab the girly negligee during the apocalypse but now I’ve got my priorities in order!

 Watch this trailer for an eye-opening new documentary about the toxicity of the fashion industry and what steps are necessary to save our planet. Fans of H&M and Forever21—we all need to watch this. The future is not fast fashion, and the sooner we learn to break these mass-habits, the less time we’ll need to recover as a global community.

 Finally, read up on the creative heart of several Etsy businesses and get inspired for your next DIY project, whether it’s a million dollar idea or just something you’ve been wanting to try out.

…And speaking of DIY, if you’re into cutting, pasting, sewing, etc, you’ll love the book giveaway I’m planning. Keep an eye out!

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