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5 Boho Home Decor Ideas for Fall

September 18, 2013

Decorating for fall is all about bringing elements of nature into the mix and creating experiences for the senses. I absolutely love the color palettes, flavors, and aromas associated with this season. Just by wandering around my apartment—albeit well stocked with seasonal chachkes all year round—I came up with 5 cute ways to bring fall festivity into plain view.

 A Colorful Collection of Candles

Everyone has a few candles lying around, whether you pick them up at seasonal markets or are gifted them from co-workers. Candles of all shapes, colors and aromas can be grouped together and burned individually or in pairs to create unique scents. What’s more, they look adorable!

fall-home-decor-bohemian (1)

 A Gem-Surrounded Incense Burner

I picked up this small heart-shaped incense burner from a Chinese market and put it in a small antique coaster with matching green accents. I then sprinkled a handful of quartz crystal points and clear purple amethyst to add some character, and picked up some coconut incense to top it all off.

fall-home-decor-bohemian (1)

fall-home-decor-bohemian (1)

 A Beautiful Display of Twigs

I surprised myself last year with the number of branches and twigs I brought into the apartment. Just taking a walk through the park could not be accomplished without spotting and grabbing neat looking kindling along the way. I arrange them in pretty glass cups and vases. It’s the perfect autumnal touch!


fall-home-decor-bohemian (1)

 An Arrangement of Charming Kitchen Accents

This is probably going to look best in your kitchen, but don’t underestimate the ability of spice jars, cute tins, and vintage spoons to look great in common rooms, on mantels in dens, and even in the coffee-break-corner of your home office. Ours are arranged on the counter with plants and an endless tea inventory.

fall-home-decor-bohemian (1)

One Big, Beautiful & Unusual Object

Finally, I urge you to seek out beautiful, semi-unusal objects to set up as focal points on the surfaces of your various rooms. I found matching painted wooden elephant head shelves at a church thrift store and dove at them like a bat out of hell. Not that many other people in the room were in the market for elephant shelves… but in Brooklyn, you never know.

fall-home-decor-bohemian (1)

Bonus tips? A big burlap table cloth will instantly transform your space into a cozy, autumnal abode, and a few colored leaves arranged on the table is just as darling.

How are you decorating your homes for fall this year?

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