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Graphic Prints & A Whole Lotta Wit

September 17, 2013

Where are the cutest, quirkiest gals among us shopping for their arsenal of statement pieces and go-to-basics this fall? The brand spankin’ new e-commerce destination Love To Talk, founded by two of my best buddies from fashion school, fueled by extremely good taste and a healthy dose of humor.

LOVE TO TALK fall fashion nyc

The designs you’ll find are a brilliant projection of the curators themselves, mixing unexpected pops of color and fun prints with accents of luxury, perfect for putting the finishing touches on your look.

With global fashion week in full swing, I can’t think of a better time to browse their selection and pick a few winners… and of course, grab a gift card for your BBF.

LOVE TO TALK fall fashion nyc

They currently offer everything from understated geometric jewelry to eye-catching graphic skirts, embellished clutches, basic pullovers and flattering dresses.

My favorites? Definitely the Wanderluster chione earrings and the uber-chic Funktional Discovery bomber jacket.

LOVE TO TALK fall fashion nyc

I got a chance to sit down for dinner in the East Village with the founders, Sabrina and Iru, before I took off to Peru last month. Between mouth fulls of Yakiniku I asked them a few Q’s about taking their vision to the next level.

Hey Mishka: How did the concept for the e-shop come about?

Iru ♍: Actually, we hoped to have a brick and mortar shop first! When we sat down and looked at all the costs involved we thought – hey, we can test the market to see how people respond to our aesthetic through an e-shop first, then decide whether we want to take the plunge. It turned out to be a completely unique challenge that consumed a lot of energy and resources. But we’re still happy with our decision because the challenges involved are a pleasure to contemplate, like how to convey personality in an often efficiency oriented setting and how to build a community without a physical space. Our naivete took us down a wonderful road! Plus, we love the internets.

Hey Mishka: Tell me more about the name “Love to Talk”.

Iru ♍: Originally we wanted to call ourselves “Fatz McGoo…”

Sabrina ♌: …but we wanted a more approachable name. One day we made a list of things we both love: fashion, eating food, comic books and dogs. But it would be silly if we called ourselves Love Dogs when we’re making clothes for people! Then it came to mind that this all started with us talking – talking so much that I had no time for school projects!

Iru ♍: That’s when I exclaimed – Let’s be Love to Talk!

Sabrina ♌: Love to Talk felt perfect. We want to be that friendly neighborhood shop girl who loves to chat with customers. We often find that ladies who love fashion also love to talk, just like us!

Hey Mishka: What is the curating process like for the styles you carry?

Sabrina ♌: Aside from the trade shows and showrooms, we try to find smaller, lesser known brands from other countries, especially those with a lot of personality. We have a soft spot for animals on clothing!

Iru ♍: It’s a balancing act of a few factors – quality, wearability, price and sheer desire. We imagine our woman and ask ourselves if the product fits. There’s a lot of lively debate! If there’s something Sabrina and I really share, it’s a love of humor in fashion. But as much as our lady is quirky, she still wants to look hot.

Sabrina ♌, very seriously: Hot is definitely important.

Hey Mishka: What are you most looking forward to, post-launch?

Iru ♍: Improving!

Sabrina ♌: Expanding and charging forward!

Iru ♍: Our Love to Talk label collection is looking pretty good for holiday…

Sabrina ♌: and of course very hot!

Hey Mishka: What are your favorite items in the shop right now?

Both ♌ ♍: The Mechant Bebe varsity jackets!

Sabrina ♌: I got one for myself.

Iru ♍: I’m in love with Wanderluster, a jewelry brand we’re carrying, and our head-to-toe Ace look (top here, bottom here) is a best seller. It’s so chic worn together! A certain young lady plans to wear it to stand out during a presentation. Clever gal!

Sabrina ♌: There are a few secret items in our coming deliveries that I’m obsessed with. But since it’s a secret, I can’t tell you now. Guess you’ll have to visit us often! ;}

So proud of these girls! And seriously, how cute are they?


Check out the shop, follow the blog, follow their mood boards on Pinterest, and tell me what you think!


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