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A Shot Of Neon! x Pat Field

August 20, 2013

Hey Mishka x Pat Field = neon crop tops & show-stopping hats! Yesterday I did a run around town to the internet cafe and ice cream truck in the blazing sun wearing my Patricia Field neon logo tank and the token VOGUE snap back hat. A simple outfit for a simple day.

Whether you’re wandering the cities of Peru or going out in NYC tonight, these are two staples you need in your life. Pair yours with high-waisted jeans and kicks or a maxi skirt and wedges. These pieces are majorly versatile.


Check out the broken glass nestled into the top of this mint green wall. This is a renegade way to keep over zealous neighbors from hopping into your backyard uninvited.

They’re from broken bottles, so they come in all different colors. It looks pretty vicious, but they glisten in the sun as you’re strolling by and it’s actually kind of attractive.




Hanging out at Lucho’s bodega—the cheapest internet cafe in AQP! I am going to post the address so you guys can stop by and say hi next time you’re in town.

Seems like I bite my sunglasses a lot, huh? They’re delicious.


Having an ice cream with pops out in the courtyard. I could get used to this kind of living. In fact, I am going to have a really hard time leaving here at the end of the month! But before that happens, we’re going to Cuzco and Lima.


Stay tuned… I have some more gems in my suitcase that are parade float worthy in a couture kinda way, and I’ve been playing a whole lotta dress-up.


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