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3 Warm Drinks for a Cold Arequipa Night

August 19, 2013

Arequipa’s days are full of intense sunshine and clear blue skies, making breakfast on the patio every morning a treat for any gringita who wants to get a little tan. The climate here, however, means dramatic decrease in warmth when the sun goes down (which happens pretty quickly, around 6PM in August). When that happens, you best have your scarves and sweaters on hand to keep warm!

It doesn’t help to do a little warming up from the inside-out, either—and Arequipians have that part down to a science. Try these three drinks on a cold night to keep from freezing.


 Diana (click for recipe!)

Diana is hands-down, my favorite hot drink of all time. It’s a nutty, rich drink full of almond flavor with coconut, cinnamon, clove and some fruit at the bottom. A generous shot of Anis Najar insise makes it even more delectable (and warm/fuzzy inducing).


 Ponche (Click for recipe!)

A ponche in Arequipa is a fruity, tangy drink made with cacao peelings, cherries, sugar, and other fruit. You can also add Anis Najar for good measure. The recipe I linked to above can be adjusted to AQP standards by adding “peelings” to the cacao.


 Emoliente (click for recipe!)

Emoliente is a soothing, hot herbal tea that you’ll find street vendors selling as you peruse high foot traffic areas of the city. It will be mixed in front of you with a hint of mint and served in a glass, which you’ll drink on the spot before continuing on your way. Common flavors include flax seed, alfalfa, barley, and pineapple.


Drink up!

Here are a few more photos of my after-dark city wandering…















Hint: you’ll only be able to get some of these outside in the street during festival season. One such season is pretty much the whole month of August, when the city is busily celebrating its independence day (which takes place on the 15th).

More soon!


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