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Stylish Gals Give Expert Travel Tips

August 7, 2013

I can’t believe I leave for Peru on Friday! I’ll be spending 3 weeks in Arequipa, Lima, and Cuzco, collecting relics, taking a thousand photos, devouring amazing Peruvian food and exploring what I am expecting to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

In honor of my trip—and all of your impending late-summer adventures—I’ve asked some of the most stylish, travel savvy women in my life to come up with some tips on having an awesome trip, from packing to getting around their favorite cities and more. After you’re finished reading, jump into the comments and tell me about your next big trip! This post is lengthy, but I promise, it’s worth it.


Rebecca Soriano (Designer, owner & founder of Little Otto Shop)


 Name 5 things you can’t fly without in your carry-on.

1. The laptop! You never know how people will treat your checked baggage. Also, airlines like Virgin America/Atlantic have outlets under every seat.

2. A sketchbook and pencils. There’s no better way to forget your flight is 8 hours long.

3. My polaroid and digital cameras. (See 1.)

4. Snacks! As many as I can get away with since airport food is miserably over priced.

5. Lip balm. Recycled air is bad news on your whole body but at least this will keep your lips
looking fresh while you’re hanging around baggage claim.

 Tell me about your travel wardrobe—what do you pack?

I try to pack a summation of my entire closet when I travel which means lots of mixable separates and 2-3 dresses. I always, always, always pack a couple of cute cardigans (one black, one printed); a pair each of walking shoes, casual flats, and night-out heels; 3-5 long necklaces and a statement piece(or two); a handful or cocktail rings; super fun loose printed tops; solid color form fitting pants and/or shorts; my velvet blazer; a heavier pea coat (if I’m traveling in winter); and of course head scarves, tights, and stockings stuffed into every available nook. These essentials always ensure that I am ready for any kind of occasion while traveling and have never let me down.

 Tell me your favorite city in the world, and one cool thing to do there.

So far the best city I have ever visited was Bilbao in the north of Spain. We rented a hostel room in breathtakingly scenic Old Bilbao and walked along the cobblestone streets and stopping wherever we pleased to eat tapas or, as the call them there, pinxtos; and cruise the famous Mercado de la Ribera, one of Europe’s largest covered markets, looking for cured meat and local cheese. There was never a bad meal!

 Any other tips for traveling in style?

I think the most stylish thing you can do when traveling is to have some understanding the region you plan to visit. Do your research, learn some key words/phrases, or take a friend who knows what’s what. You won’t feel stylish in a stitch if you’re constantly wearing a look of utter confusion on your face.

Syrie Moskowitz (Model, actress and director; Portfolio Site)

Photo below by Thierry Van Biesen


 Name 5 things you can’t fly without in your carry-on.

Decadent red lipstick, an old notebook and pen, a new book referred by a friend (currently Roberto Bolaño’s “The Savage Detectives”), Embryolisse face cream, and always a silk, slinky dress in case of lost luggage.

 Tell me about your travel wardrobe—what do you pack?

In summer its easy — small silk dresses can roll into tiny bits! So pack as many as you can! Ribbons, flowers, slips, lots of shoes, more ribbons…

 Tell me your favorite city in the world, and one cool thing to do there.

Right now it is definitely Rome. I recommend meeting someone with a motorcycle and having them toss you on the back and take you off for an adventure in search of a full moon! A perfect city after dark.

 Any other tips for traveling in style?

Always dress beautifully when you travel. Comfortable, but beautiful. You will feel confident and inspired in yourself, instead of being another person in pajamas and flip flops. Be old school and travel in style.

More tips below the cut!

Allie Silver (Artist Manager and International Music Journalist, Founder of Free Radical Productions)


 Name 5 things you can’t fly without in your carry-on.

1. Chapstick and mini face lotion to battle the dry air

2. A giant playlist with new music to dig into on my iphone

3. My laptop to keep my mobile office up and running

4. A good book for when laptop battery runs out

5. Emergen-C and Advil PM!

 Tell me about your travel wardrobe—what do you pack?

I am all about rocking onesies in lots of fun patterns, comfortable and ready for anything! Argentine designer duo, Corpo, can custom make them to fit you in whatever pattern you want, even take you fabric shopping in Buenos Aires! If you are in town it’s a must do.

 Tell me your favorite city in the world, and one cool thing to do there.

There are few things greater than riding a bike around Berlin in a long fishtail skirt in the summer time. If you find yourself on said bike in said skirt one day make sure you check out Tempelhoff park, an abandoned airport turned public park where they sometimes have open air electronic day parties! Or you can also fly a kite too.

 Any other tips for traveling in style?

PACK LIGHT. Shlepping is not stylish (especially when you are on tour for 7 weeks)! The best way to travel is bring the minimal essentials, leave space in your suitcase and pick up clothes from flea markets, vintage shops or local designers along the way! Clothing or accessories with a story behind it is always my favorite souvenir. My latest travel purchase was a silver Nepalese arm cuff picked up in Maur Park in Berlin, the salesman assured me it was “specially made for princess boogie fighting for independence in the universe”. An excellent salesman.

Andrea Bras (Founder of Women Go Solo)


 Name 5 things you can’t fly without in your carry-on.

1. A photo of my family
2. My camera
3. A book ( that I can trade with somebody when I’m done)
4. My journal
5. Sunglasses

 Tell me about your travel wardrobe—what do you pack?

One of the best parts of travelling (especially travelling light) is that you learn how little you actually need to feel comfortable. I only travel with a backpack that I can throw around when I am trying to run for a bus, so for me it is essential to choose versatile clothing that serve many functions:

– A wide pashmina scarf. You can roll it up and use it as a pillow, throw it over you on a cold night bus, use it as a beach blanket and, of course, wear it.

– Black yoga pants. I usually live in yoga pants when I am travelling: they are my hiking pants, my PJ’s, my hanging around the house pants, and my curling up on a plane (bus, train, boat… you name it) to sleep pants.

– A cute pair of flats or sandals. I’m not much for fashion (which is why I am completely honored to be featured on this style blog and also why I am having the hardest damn time answering these questions! ha!) I usually opt for sneakers or flip flops for my day to day, but I always sneak in one nice pair of flats to wear on the random dinner or any event where I have to step it up a bit.

– One dress – Choose this one wisely. You should be able to wear it to the beach or out at night.

 Tell me your favorite city in the world, and one cool thing to do there.

Pamplona, Spain is one that I love. A great thing to do here is to hangout at Caballo Blanco in the Old Town which is a centuries old stone house that has been converted into a bar and a concert space.

 Any other tips for traveling in style?

I like to keep things simple. I think most outfits can be changed completely with some accessories and jewelry (which are luckily very light to pack).  I think the best advice I can give is to pack light and to bring things you wouldn’t be heart-broken to part with. It is a liberating feeling to not worry about the things you carry.

Zooey England (Artist, illustrator & owner of Sixth Language Vintage)


 Name 5 things you can’t fly without in your carry-on.

1. Magnesium pills , to soothe your muscles and so your legs don’t get twitchy (its a real thing). I take a bunch of these before and while I’m flying. In germany I get the dissolve-able ones that taste like orange soda. For some reason it’s not sold at Heathrow though. I found out (and suffered) the hard way.

2. A Darjeeling Limited-watching device.

3. A sketchbook with print-outs of clippings to draw. My mind always wanders and waxes poetic on flights. It’s the altitude! But I get the best ideas on planes and I need to document.

4. A book to fly with that puts me in a zen mood. Usually The Souls of Rumi, Ariana Reines, or anything Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Roberto Bolaño.

5. A tiny tin of tiger balm and so much trail mix.

 Tell me about your travel wardrobe—what do you pack?

Pack light! I’m usually in black anyway. It should be easy but it’s still a great struggle. Err on the side of ease and sophistication. You don’t want to look like a fool. Only take the pieces that you know make you look amazing and are super comfortable (hopefully those go together). You can get new and exotic clothes at your destination. I love my Cheap Monday high-waisted jeans and classy cheapo button-ups. Maxi dresses are also easy to wear with a single accessory.

I find the essence of my style when I’m traveling and I usually keep living out of my suitcase for a while after, because I like the economy of it. I feel like a new woman.

 Tell me your favorite city in the world, and one cool thing to do there.

My favorite place is Germany. I love the German vibes. My parents met in a castle in the Alps! I’ve traveled to Hamburg most years of my life to visit my mom’s family, and it’s a beautiful old city. It feels like home. The deer park, the Elbe, the harbor, the old neighborhoods.. everything is nostalgic for me.

The locals go out all night on saturday to the Reeperbahn and at 6 or 7 show up to the Fischmarkt Sunday morning to have a beer and Fischbrötchen like the fishermen and sailors. You have to go super early. There’s also a charming Jamaican coffee guy that will pour a little rum in your cup and ask to marry you.

 Any other tips for traveling in style?

Always learn a little of the language. If you know cute dirty things to surprise your new friends with they will remember you forever.
Airbnb is the best thing, dudes. I used it in Berlin for the first time last winter and the guy was super helpful and told us how to find the place from the airport and all of the local spots, including the mysterious Berghain.

Tiffany Haynes (Founder and Editor, passports and visa)


 Name 5 things you can’t fly without in your carry-on.

1. Reading material. I read either a book on my iPad mini or a fashion magazine. I usually reach for Lucky or Elle. I’m a little obsessed with using the stickers in Lucky to tag items I love or to mark pages to rip out later to post to my inspiration board, a.k.a my bedroom wall.

2. A scarf. It’s my go-to accessory, perfect for a chilly flight, and can double as a pillow if you forget yours or don’t want to use the ones provided by the airline.

3. A pair of travel socks. I always have a pair to keep my feet warm and to get through security without having my bare feet touch the ground, especially in the summer when I’m typically wearing sandals.

4. A snack. Once I’m through security I pick up a bottle of Smart Water & Gardetto’s snack mix. It’s my favorite travel snack, which I can only seem to find in the airport shops.

5. Headphones. I don’t own any fancy ones, at least not at the moment, but these are essential for watching an in-flight movie or tv show, listening to music or simply to tune out the person snoring next to or behind me on the flight.

 Tell me about your travel wardrobe—what do you pack?

I only carry-on when I fly so I’m very careful about what I pack and try to take pieces that I can mix and match throughout my trip. Here are a few of my go-to’s.

1. A dress that you be dressed up or down (stylish flats during the day, heels at night). I love DVF dresses to accomplish this. They’re everything in one: timeless and classic but effortlessly chic. They also pack well without ironing or steaming. Just take them out and go.

2. Cotton tees or tanks – usually in white, black or grey, but this summer I’ve added graphic options to the mix. They’re great on their own or as a layering basic. I also pack basics that have a little embellishment or detail to amp of the style factor.

4. Either a blazer, jacket or sweater – even in the summer time. Having at least one of these is essential for keeping warm on the plane or for those inevitable visits to a freezing cold restaurant.

3. A pair of cropped cotton pants in a solid color. When traveling, I add my pops of color and personality through my scarves, a colorful or print top, or a bold necklace. A pair of pants take up more space than a shirt so I can get away with more wardrobe options if I keep it solid on the bottom and fun with my tops. J. Crew Minnie pants are a staple for me.

4. For summer travel, I’ve pretty much packed my silk Joie shorts on every trip. They’re a fun zebra print but I consider them “neutral” due to the black and white so I pair them with anything from a denim sleeveless shirt, to a graphic tee, to a green printed silk blouse.

5. 2-3 color/printed blouses. Depending on what color palette I’ve chosen for the trip, I’ll include a few colorful or printed blouses to add some fun and personality to my wardrobe. Equipment, Piamita, Parker and Joie are few brands I love for printed silk blouses.

6. I’m not a huge jewelry person to begin with so I keep it pretty simple. I typically pack my gold Nixon menswear-inspired watch, my Jennifer Fisher bracelets, a couple of stackable rings, one statement necklace and a pair of stud earrings.

7. Shoes, I love my shoes, I do. But, I don’t pack them all! I try to keep it to 3 pairs for any given trip, no more than 4. Typically, a pair of ballet flats or smoking slippers (Charles Philip has some great printed options), one pair of heels or wedges, and usually another pair of flat shoes, whether my go-to gold DV by Dolce Vita Archer sandals or a pair of my not-so-basic sneakers that pull off that casual but still polished look.

8. Last, but not least a scarf! It’s my absolute favorite accessory. I have a few pashminas in bold, jewel-toned colors that I love and my Theodora & Cullum “Playa” scarf that has pretty much been with me on every trip I’ve taken this year. It’s versatile—big enough to be worn as a sarong, should I need a cover up for my bathing suit.

 Tell me your favorite city in the world, and one cool thing to do there.

This is a tough one, I absolutely love New York, which happens to be my current place of residence, but one of the most gorgeous places I’ve been to is Honolulu. One cool thing to do there: rent a car and drive the coast. The island of Oahu is not that big so it doesn’t take long to drive, but the views and experience is simply amazing. Be sure to stop by the Dole plantation during your trip, simply the best pineapples you’ll ever have! Also, for anyone who loves acai bowls go to the Honolulu Coffee Co. shop at the Moana Surfrider hotel. They make the best acai bowls topped with granola and bananas. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

 Any other tips for traveling in style?

Keep it simple. Choose a color palette for your trip. Being a bit more minimalist when you travel doesn’t mean you have to be boring. For example, choose a mix of neutral and bold colors like white, denim, coral, with a pop of reds, pinks and purples. By keeping it simple and choosing a palette, it will help you to edit and only pack items that you will truly wear and thus evoking your own personal style. Invest in a nice travel tote or backpack, I have a nice leather Coach tote I carry for work trips, and an Everlane backpack for personal ones. One last tip, just add a pair of shades to any outfit. To me, a pair of aviators just adds instant style and a factor of cool.

So there you have it! I am sure you could glean a few gems of travel wisdom to these seasoned experts. A huge thank you to all of the ladies who took part in this post.

Got any tips to add to this pile of jet set expertise? Leave them in the comments!

P.S. Stay tuned for a full report of my adventures in Peru!

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