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DIY: Tropical Sheer Summer Curtains

June 12, 2013

It’s been a while since I had a Wednesday DIY for you guys, but yesterday I was inspired to whip up a set of summery, tropical turquoise and lime curtains for the bedroom. We’ve been living with the homely-yet-endearing drapes left behind by the previous tenant, and I could not be happier to have upgraded.



For my color scheme, I was inspired by this vintage 70s bohemian trim. Originally I thought I might use it in the design, but I wanted the curtains to be free-flowing with the breeze, so I passed it up.


What you’ll need: fabric yardage according to your desired drape measurements, pattern paper, a sewing machine, thread, razor sharp fabric scissors, a sketchbook to dream up your idea, and a steamer if you want to perfect your project for the grand finale.


You can get your measurements from your existing drapes or adjust them to be less/more full, longer, etc. Be sure to add 2-4″ to the length of your drapes for the fold-over loop your curtain rod will go through. If you’re doing piece-work, be sure you’re adding that additional length to the top pattern piece.

I did this quick sketch of our bedroom and tried a few design ideas before I came to one I loved. I liked the idea of color blocking, but horizontal lines seemed a bit strict for our otherwise eclectic room. I went for the half-circle, which is a lot easier to sew than you think!


Draft up your pattern according to your measurements.

For piecework, create the rectangular pattern and then cut out your pattern paper along the style lines to create your separate pieces. When you cut out your fabric, allow for seam allowance along those style lines.

I confess,I freestyled my style lines and just cut the fabric according to what I thought looked right. I wasn’t worried about making a flawless museum-worthy set of curtains, and I’m no stranger to winging it. I developed a skill for cutting corners in fashion school. No pun intended. ;}


Stitch your pieces together, fold your seam allowance towards the top of the curtains, press or steam, and top stitch.

Hint: the key to sewing a flawless curved seam is to hold the fabric in a straight line while you’re sewing. Don’t try to pull or curve the material while you’re stitching.


A top stitch will define the contour and create a very attractive line.

Once that’s done, you can fold over the top allowance 2-4″ and top stitch on the face of the curtains. Run your curtain rod through this loop and toss them up over the windows!

diy sheer summer curtains turquoise tropical color block

Et voila! Breezy, summery, fresh curtains to give your space a brand new look.

We have a lot of work to do on this room, but as a work in progress, I’m really falling in love with it.




diy sheer summer curtains turquoise tropical color block

This is a pretty quick upgrade for any room, and the fabric only cost me about $20 total. Look for sale fabrics and take your measurements before you shop for materials to pinch that penny, violets.

Show me YOUR summer home improvements! Come hang out with me on Twitter or on the Hey Mishka facebook.



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