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Hey Mishka Loves… ♥ Link Round-Up

June 4, 2013

Welcome to Hey Mishka Loves…—the weekly link round-up that showcases stylish, festive, inspiring content from all around e-town. Stop by on Tuesdays to get your dose. This week it’s all about spiritual spring cleaning, epic printed jeans, free coffee tables and edible flowers.

link love lookbook

 Fresh surfer girl style shopping for summer, anyone?

 Want to clean up your act, but not into mops and vacuums? I’m really into this post on 6 ways to spring-clean your life without the physical dirty work.

 I put together this post for Denim Therapy on 3 ways to wear the stunning Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny In Sunset Fade. If I was going to spend $260 on a pair of jeans, this would be the pair.

 An alternative to lipstick and gloss for making your kisser a little more pink. Btw, remember lip venom? That stuff was awesome.

 Marie Forleo instructs the busy among us on how to decline well-meaning coffee dates with people who want to “pick your brain” (my least favorite phrase). I don’t think this should inspire people to block out their social circle, but it’s useful info.

 A Beautiful Mess is giving away a stunning coffee table. I don’t have room for one, so go get it!

 A modern girl’s guide to mixing prints to try out this morning.

 Keiko Nishiyama takes feminine floral to a whole new level with her graduating collection from the London College of Fashion.

 Crafty gals who want logo sweat shirts of their own design can use this age old screen printing technique involving an embroidery hoop and some white sticky stuff.

 Hungry? Eat a flower (or 42).

Don’t let wasps ruin your picnic this weekend! Here’s how to make a natural spray to keep them away.

 I’m not crazy about painting-slinging fine artists but I really dig José Parlá.

 Props to Vogue Australia! Honey farming never looked so good.

 Ummm, did you watch our Long Beach video?

Go go go!

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