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DIY Beach Rock Fridge Magnets

May 15, 2013

It’s mid-week, and for me this is a particularly stressful one. I’m helping to put the finishing touches on a weekend long live music/camp-out party in Ridgewood this weekend (the Bohemian Festival, if you’re in the area stop by and say hi!), wrapping up what feels like a million freelance assignments, and planning for a summer of classes and projects.

So imagine my delight yesterday when I allowed myself 30 minutes to do a really cute DIY project! It was like a bite-sized vacation from my to-do list. I whipped up some DIY beach rock fridge magnets—a project I’ve been saving rocks for since my vacay last summer.

I used a mix of pink turquoise slabs, quartz, beach glass and assorted salvaged/painted rocks, some $1.99 magnets from Jo-Ann Fabric, and my favorite all-purpose clear tacky glue, Fabri-Tac.

diy-beach-rock-fridge-magnets-bohemian (9)

Before you begin, curate your rocks into a set of mixed colors and textures.

diy-beach-rock-fridge-magnets-bohemian (3)

Round up your magnets (in the end, I realized I should have spent  a few more bucks and got stronger magnets, as these little guys didn’t hold the heavier stones—but they worked perfectly for the lighter ones).

diy-beach-rock-fridge-magnets-bohemian (2)

Dab a bit of glue onto the back of each rock with your Fabri-Tac and immediately place the magnet over your glue.

diy-beach-rock-fridge-magnets-bohemian (5)

diy-beach-rock-fridge-magnets-bohemian (6)

diy-beach-rock-fridge-magnets-bohemian (7)

Let them dry for a few hours — overnight is a safe bet to be sure the rocks don’t ooze off the magnets while they’re on the fridge.

diy-beach-rock-fridge-magnets-bohemian (8)

And voila! An extremely beachy, bohemian addition to your fridge.

diy-beach-rock-fridge-magnets-bohemian (9)

diy-beach-rock-fridge-magnets-bohemian (10)

And don’t be fooled…

The above photos were taken on the side of my fridge.




This is what my fridge front looks like. ;}

diy-beach-rock-fridge-magnets-bohemian (11)

Memories, in this case, are more important to me than chic blog-able minimalism.

Have fun!


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