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Party Planner! Cinco de Mayo

May 4, 2013

Welcome to Party Planner! This weekly series will outfit you with inspiration for your next celebration. These little mood boards are only a launch pad for the epic celebration I expect you to manifest.

Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, so if you’re throwing a party you probably have most of the details worked out… but just in case you’re suddenly moved to celebrate or you’re an epic procrastinator, here’s a little guide and some inspiration to take your love of Mexican culture and heritage to the next level, with style!

This Week’s Party Theme: Cinco de Mayo


Get over dollar store sombreros and jalapeno light strings and celebrate Mexico’s rich culture by stopping by La Sirena in NYC for a dose of authentic folk art that will last you all year. Don a dress and clutch with Mexican-inspired print that isn’t overboard of costumey. DIY your own decor with a few simple scissor snips and some streamers in bright colors. And you may have to wait for the end of the part to do this, but once the Patrón bottle is empty, stuff it with lights and plug it in!

1. Topshop Mexican bodice party dress

2. Authentic Mexican folk art from La Sirena. If you’re not in NYC and want to order some handmade Mexican folk art style decor online, check out The Virgin Rose for beautiful hand-painted pieces.

3. Mini papel picado banner DIY project (here’s another, just for fun!)

4. Pippa Small Mexican Oyster Double Drop Earrings

5. Mara Hoffman Mexican Blanket Shorts

6. Mexican-Inspired Embellished Makeup Bag

7. Patrón Tequila Bottle DIY Lamp

My personal Cinco de Mayo plans? I’ll probably visit my friend’s Mexican restaurant, Cantina Royal, for brunch. Then I’ll spend the evening watching old Jorge Negrete films. If you don’t know who that is, you are robbing yourself!

Seriously though.


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