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Wanderlust: Walk Through Peru

April 21, 2013

Today we have an awesome guest post from my friend & fellow blogger Niamh of Tales from a Teapot, whose stunning photos of South America (specifically Peru) caught my eye and inspired me to reach out to her. She was amazing enough to let me peek into her travel diary and share some stunning photography with you!

Peru’s traditional home decor and textiles have always made me starry-eyed. Neons, jewel tones and festive patterns are a huge part of my own decor scheme. I love seeing how people all over the world work color and texture  into their daily lives.

peru south america blue wall mosaic

Okay, enough of my blabbing! Scroll + be amazed.

Niamh: “I just returned to Ireland after spending a year travelling around the world. I tried to travel as sustainably as possible via train or bus, unless the pesky ocean got in the way. Below are some of the inspiring interiors, handicrafts and different lifestyle elements I came across during my adventures in Bolivia and Peru.

peru south america textiles fabrics

Crossing the border from Argentina into Bolivia was a surreal experience. Looking out the window on the bus, the landscape slowly began to change, as did the people and the buildings. There are a lot more indigenous people in Bolivia. Many of the people in both Bolivia and Peru wear traditional dress and have retained their traditional customs. The things that stick out about both the interiors and dress in this part of the world are the bright colors and intricate patterns.

The lifestyle is very easy going and this is reflected in the interiors. Many of the houses have beautiful courtyards, complete with flowers and a cactus or two.  They are such great spaces for sitting down with a book and enjoying the sunshine… or lack of sunshine, if you arrive in rainy season as we did!

peru south america courtyard yellow walls

peru south america amazon rainforest

Woven bags and belts are often displayed as works of art. The colorful origami birds in this restaurant add another important splash of color, while the belts brighten up some terracotta pots in this hostel.

peru south america hostel origami


peru south america terracotta pots

The tourism industry is a major source of employment in both countries. There are countless markets selling impressive woven items.

peru south america market textiles fabric

peru south america market textiles fabric

These hats are worn during festivals and are hand beaded and have colorful pom poms attached to the top.

peru south america pom poms hats market

peru south america pom poms hats market

And speaking of pom poms, this pom pom mural—which would make a great craft project—was on display in a lovely restaurant in Arequipa, Peru called Hatunpa. Highly recommended!

peru south america pom poms arequipa restaurant

The textiles are amazing, with beautiful woven fabrics, impressive bead-work and elaborate embroidery. Bolivians and Peruvians are unbelievably talented crafts people.

peru south america fabric textiles

Women in Bolivia and Peru wear colorful pleated skirts, fedora or straw hats and bright fabric fashioned into bags across their backs.

peru south america

We visited the floating islands of Uros in Peru, where the colors on skirts got even brighter and were topped off with great woolen pom poms in their hair and embroidered waist coats.

islands of Uros in Peru

islands of Uros in Peru

islands of Uros in Peru

islands of Uros in Peru

islands of Uros in Peru

As you can see, color was ever-present in South America wherever we traveled. Even the birds agree that color is important!”

peru south america tropical bird

A massive thanks to Niamh of Tales from a Teapot for sharing her experiences in Peru with us. I’m crazed over the saturation, natural beauty, and pure festivity in these shots.

I hope you all enjoyed it just as much!

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