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Hey Mishka Featured on Links à La Mode!

April 19, 2013

Aaah, the weekend has arrived. 12:01 on the money. Tonight I’m cleaning up the apartment and packing away the chaos of the week. Tomorrow I’m doing a shoot for Bombay Mermaid with a friend I haven’t seen in years and spending some time soaking up spring in Brooklyn.

So many amazing things are happening right now all at once, despite the awful news headlines and ongoing peril of being human. I think we need to keep our hearts open to those who need us but also protect our own emotional well-being and not get addicted to upsetting news. Keep it light and sweet this weekend, violets.

pink summer picnic

On that note, here’s some happy news! IFB’s Links à La Mode featured Hey Mishka’s post on Live Worldly. Always a pleasure to be among those chosen for the weekly round-up. Check it out, with all of the other chosen links, below.

Lately I feel like something huge is unfolding on a personal level, but also on a universal level, for all of us. I can smell it in the air. Creative, exciting, big things.

Have an amazing weekend!

P.S. Need some easy listening? You’re welcome.


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