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The Launch Of My Boho Clothing Line: Bombay Mermaid Trading Co!

April 11, 2013

And now for my “big news”, delayed for days! It’s 6AM and I just finished putting “finishing touches” (that dragged on for days) on the launch of my first-ever branded clothing line: ▽ BOMBAY MERMAID ▽ Trading Co. is officially open for business!

For all the free-spirited music-loving mermaids-with-legs out there, I’ve compiled a veritable dreamland and online bazaar for your shopping pleasure. Items include hand-made pieces by me, and vintage I’ve collected with this specific customer in mind.

bombay mermaid trading co bombay mermaid trading co

Let Bombay Mermaid dress you up for the summer festival circuit! Our very first order was shipped today (before we even officially launched) to a Coachella-bound ladybird with a penchant for festive headwear.

For more, check out Bombay Mermaid on facebook—where you’ll find previous lookbooks and other stunning imagery— follow along on twitter, and keep up with our pinboards for non-stop inspiration. Read more about the brand below, and I look forward to your feedback!

bombay mermaid trading co

▽ BOMBAY MERMAID ▽ Trading Co. is a new revolution in post-bohemian fashion, combining vintage treasure hunt finds from around the world with beautiful, hand-made clothing & accessories.

Manifest your own personal Shangri-La with our embellished, shimmering originals and our archives of unique and creative vintage. Embrace the extravagant beauty of traditional Indian fabrics and concepts woven into the imaginative cloth of the new world order: no borders, no trends, no limits. Just stellar beauty and self expression.

Why ▽ BOMBAY MERMAID ▽ Trading Co. ?

Because our vintage collection supports the rescue/re-purpose/upcycle movement and the facilitation of global self-expression.

Because we will deliver a spectrum of colors, textures, and ideas that will saturate your wardrobe, your mood, and your world from the first moment you put on one of our hand-made or vintage pieces.

Because mermaids around the world are awakening, and if you suspect you’re one of them, you’re in the right place…

P.S. A big heart-bursting Thank You to everyone who has supported the launch of this project, from my beautiful models and muses to the photographers and visionaries who helped bring my vision to life in the lookbooks, my family, friends and mentors, and also to Raffa, my other half, for always supporting me despite the fact that I’m clearly insane. ;}

P.P.S. This is only the beginning, ya’ll. Hand-made jewelry and vintage are just a teaser for what’s really cooking in my workshop this spring.

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  1. April 12, 2013 4:03 AM

    congrats <3

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