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Life Lately… Outfits & Tidbits

April 7, 2013

Happy Sunday!  I’m spending mine with a playlist of easy-listening Latin top 40s and a bottomless cup of tea. I’m committing myself to unwinding on Sundays, so rather than creating any new content, here’s cascading photo evidence of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks…


bloomingdales-junkfood-clothing-hey-mishka (1)


Seeing Bareto at Stage 48 in early March was definitely a highlight of this winter. Meeting them after the show was also awesome. Raffa DJ’d the event before and after the band—see him above in the massive DJ booth overlooking the stage. I may or may not have a Bareto ringtone right now…


If you’ve never heard Bareto, they play chicha (Peruvian cumbia originating from the Amazon), which is like a surf-rock-meets-sexy-South-American-tribal-vibes. It’s really good, I promise.



Angie (Raffa’s sister… and now my sister!) before the show. My barbie-friend Daria (further down) came out too. She was the only bleach-blonde for miles.



Also that week was a visit to the Bleulab Reversible Denim showroom to check out the spring and pre-fall lines for a write-up on Denim Therapy. Their metallic jeans were butter-soft, and you can’t beat getting two-in-one with a reversible style. Pastels and prints for spring were super cute too. Read my review at DT.





Showrooms that keep giant jars of candy in the lobby are my favorite, obv.


One night I put together this cute boho wall hanging by slicing up a long rectangle of fabric and braiding the strands together. I sewed on a beaded trim and hung it up in the bedroom doorway. I snapped these photos at night once I finished, but during the day you can see the hints of gold reflecting on the peach fabric.




Last week was The Crosby Press launch event at Le Baron. We’re working on a few cool projects with them via Denim Therapy’s editorial dept, so we went to support them and watch them silk screen some shirts on the spot. It was pretty wild!


I figured this was one of my last chances to wear white feather earrings. They feel really wintry to me. Also heart my Tavik tote that Raffa got at PROJECT Las Vegas.



Eyes half-shut, but the outfit!



Raffa with Dave Infante, our buddy at The Crosby Press.





And finally, a new poncho (the same one I bought forever ago in a different color—bought it used for 13 smackers) and a fur stole I got off Etsy recently. For the anti-fur readers, I think it’s important to disclaim that when I do wear fur it’s a) vintage and b) worn spiritually and with love. That may or not mean anything to you, but there it is.




Below you’ll see my new bracelets. I’m calling them my “summer talismans”. I got them at a Tibetan store. Each one represents something different and essential: health + healing, self control, and protection from evil thoughts. Lord knows a girl in this city can use all of those.



That’s all I’ve got + what’s been up, at least on my camera! Hope you all have an amazing Sunday evening.

Big news tomorrow!

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