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Party Planner! Easter Egg Hunt

March 23, 2013

Welcome to Party Planner! This weekly series will outfit you with inspiration for your next celebration. These little mood boards are only a launch pad for the epic celebration I expect you to manifest.

Easter Sunday is just around the corner, so it’s time for flowers, pastels, and basket-weave everything. Take advantage of the ombre trend with cute skirts and cardigans, try out a pair of sky blue shoes, and of course, throw a spring fling! Inspiration and ideas below.

This Week’s Party Theme: Easter Egg Hunt


First of all, it’s not Easter without peeps, so grab a pack next time you’re at Duane Reade. Whether you eat them or just Instagram them is not the point. ;}

Pick out a chic basket weave tote for egg-collecting and stack on the spring arm candy. You’ll need a pair kicks good for prancing around—that’s where the Keds come in. Hang pastel tinsel around the apartment, gather up some party favors to bestow upon your fellow egg-hunters, and hide those hand-decorated eggs! Before you go out on the hunt, whip up some gluten-free cupcakes to snack on when you return victorious.

1. Nancy Gonzalez White Crocodile Basket Weave Tote

2. Tory Burch Floral Riviera Hinge Bracelet

3. Keds Champion Spring Sneakers

4. Peeps!

5. Yellow Dip-Dye Skirt

6. Pastel Tassel Garland

7. Pastel Origami Decoupage Easter Eggs

8.  Easter Party Favors Seeded Bunny Rabbit Garden Gift Set

Local side note! If you live in Greenpoint Brooklyn like I do, you’ve seen baskets of dollar-and-change neon hued Polish Easter eggs set out at every bakery, butcher, and discount store. When I first moved here it was January, and these eggs were everywhere. A totally new twist on the pastel Easter decor I’d grown up with! I fell madly in love with them and hunted through for new colors and designs every time I went to buy groceries.

polish easter eggs

You’ll find a whole army of these technicolor eggs on my kitchen table. Feeling crafty? Here’s a DIY guide to making Polish Easter eggs for beginners.

Happy Easter, Passover, and SPRING!

P.S. Not into Easter? Check out our Holi festival party planner from last week!

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