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Cupcakes + Clothes = Match Made in Heaven

March 15, 2013

Here are some snaps from the Junk Food Clothing event at Bloomie’s tonight hosted by Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What. Hannah and I chowed several mini cupcakes in mere minutes (justified… a few of those don’t even amount to one cupcake!) and browsed the collection.

The tees featured a mix silly ’90s references and logos that made me wish I was Kelly Kapowski or in an all-girl hair band. Fun stuff. Then we took photos of ourselves and ate more cupcakes.

cupcakes and champagne

bloomingdales-junkfood-clothing-hey-mishka (14)

graphic tees

bloomingdales-junkfood-clothing-hey-mishka (14)

graphic tees

bloomingdales-junkfood-clothing-hey-mishka (14)

bloomingdales-junkfood-clothing-hey-mishka (14)

bloomingdales-junkfood-clothing-hey-mishka (14)

Then it was back down the rabbit hole to Brooklyn.

Tonight will consist of a major to-do list hacking, laptop back up, and re-organizing of my current “office space”, AKA a table full of matryoshkas, self-help books, and empty tea cups. Ayayaye. Luckily I will do this all in the comfort of Marc by Marc faux-fur lined hoodie and some jeggings. That’s right, I said jeggings.

nyc subway

nyc subway

Here’s what I wore tonight: H&M peach chain link necklace, Vans cut-out tee,  NEUW high-waisted jeans, and black nail polish.

black tank top

black nails tank top

*vacant smile with a meaningful optimistic smile somewhere behind it I promise*

Enjoy your friday! 

P.S. Mercury retrograde is almost finished uuughhhh… ! Come on you ****** ******!

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