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Hey Mishka Loves… ♥ Link Round-Up & Snaps From Fusion Fashion Show 2013

March 12, 2013

Welcome to Hey Mishka Loves…—the new weekly link round-up that showcases stylish, festive, inspiring content from all around e-town. Stop by on Tuesdays to get your dose. This week I’m crazed over a healthy mix of flowers and ice cream, DIY projects, New York details, and insta-stuff.

flowers and ice cream

 For design nerds and people who are obsessed with New York’s normally unsung details, José Guízar presents Windows of New York.

 Feeling DIY-inclined this week? Learn how to write a message or scrawl a design with wax crayon on a white cotton scarf and hand dye it to reveal the artwork.

 Where are bloggers blogging? My own blogging station doesn’t look this good… yet.

 Parker Fitzgerald covers ice cream cones with beautiful flowers and yes, I still want to eat them (pictured above).

 Glass gem corn is so beautiful. This post makes me long for fall already! I had no idea it was such an ordeal to get your hands on some glass gem seeds. Now that it has a viral fan base, I imagine it will be impossible for the next year.

“If you’ve spent any time online recently, you might have noticed a striking photo making its rounds. Feast your eyes on Glass Gem corn: a stunning, multi-colored heirloom that has taken Facebook and the blogosphere by storm. With its opalescent kernels glimmering like rare jewels, it’s easy to see what the buzz is about. This is some truly mind-blowing maize.

 Glamorous women be warned: Sarah Jessica Parker‘s feet have grown strange new bones from ten-or-so years of running around in insane high heels. Kind of gross.

 Little Black Dress upgrade! That’s one way to turn an old lace dress from frumpy to super-sexy for the weekend.

 Get weird with ‘Figli Delle Stelle’ by Girolamo Lanzafame, an editorial that makes me want to retire to Florida at a young age and wear flamingo sunglasses with my frenemies.

 This may actually be my favorite instagram account ever. It belongs to the incredible style blog Late Afternoon.

 Finally, stunning home decor inspiration that isn’t forced, overly minimal, or obviously staged for a photo shoot.

Wrapping up, Fusion Fashion Show 2013 was this past weekend (congratulations to the winning designers Maria Van Nguyen (Parsons – click to see collection) and K’ Luu (FIT – click to see collection) on their victories and to FIT as the best overall school! The show was incredible and inspiring as always. It’s incredible to see how intense a point of view these young designers have. It’s my hope that they hang on to that for dear life and not let the industry beat it out of them!

Some of my photos from the show are below. You can see the whole album at the Hey Mishka facebook page.























Visit Fusion Fashion Show on facebook to keep posted about next year’s show. The designer selection process and general excitement revs up again in October.

Enjoy this warm rainy day…


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