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Party Planner! Moroccan High Tea

March 9, 2013

Welcome to Party Planner! This new series will pop up on Saturdays to deliver fun & festive themed party inspiration. Remember: you do not need an excuse to throw a party. A color scheme, an upcoming trip, a friend’s promotion, a film that moved you… these are all good reasons to enjoy good food, music, and friends. These little mood boards are only a launch pad for the epic celebration I expect you to manifest. Onward!

This Week’s Party Theme: Moroccan High Tea


Lounge on highly decorated pillows by the light of a an ornate lamp and toast mint tea in tiny colorful glasses. Burn rose incense to set the mood. Deck out your look with dramatic earrings in a trans-global motif. Have some fun with your guests by preparing kabobs and m’hanncha (snake cake) before you slide off your slippers and turn your apartment into a dance party!

1. Blue Moroccan tile crackle spheres glass table lamp

2. Moroccan hoop earrings

3. Hand-embroidered Moroccan cushions

4. Colored glass Moroccan lantern

5. Beni Ourain mid-century moroccan rug

6. Free People beaded Moroccan slipper

7. Stash Moroccan mint green tea

8. Blue Moroccan tea glass

Go forth and be merry, creative, and resourceful! Bonus points if you post party photos of your epic party set-up and superior hostess skills for me to gaze upon at the Hey Mishka facebook. ;}


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