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Stay Gorgeous & Energized this New York Fashion Week With Green Tiye!

January 24, 2013

Today I’ve got an amazing treat for you, dear readers! My good friend and holistic health coach Green Tiye is here to share some tips on how to stay healthy and be fabulous during New York Fashion Week. Give her a warm welcome and check out information on her upcoming detox class below—including how to get a 15% discount exclusive to Hey Mishka readers.


Survive NYFW and Stay Fabulous!
Healthy Tips for Surviving New York Fashion Week

 Ditch the morning espresso

Coffee may help you get out of bed in the morning but it can really zap your energy levels throughout the day, creating a very unglamorous combination of moody, tired and hungry. Not to mention it’ll emphasize your under-eye bags and suck the luster from your skin tone.

Instead, make a green smoothie first thing in the morning. Throw some kale, spinach, apple, and a banana in the blender and you have a fast nutritious breakfast that’ll fill you up and give you lasting energy. By blending fruits and veggies, the energy normally used on digestion can be saved for things like running from show to show, bartering with door people, and making your skin glow.

Hey Mishka note: Click for my personal favorite green smoothie recipe.

 Bring snacks for between-show cravings

Anyone who’s strolled into the tents at Lincoln Center knows it takes 0.5 seconds to encounter a bevy of processed food giveaways like energy bars and drinks that are far from healthy. Instead, pack your own healthy snacks like baby carrots, raw almonds, or Larabars. Blueberries and walnuts are a great combo that’s proven to improve brain performance, which can be helpful when trying to make your witty banter sound impressive on less than 4 hours of sleep.

 Get your juice on before/after Milk Studios

Within reaching distance of Milk Studios is One Lucky Duck (125 E 17th St). Grab a pressed juice like Swan Greens or have them make you up a delicious healthy smoothie right there! A little further south from Milk is Organic Avenue (156 Sullivan Street) where you can grab an array of juices, smoothies, soups, and booster shots in beautiful glass bottles that look chic with whatever you’re wearing.

 Dehydration ain’t pretty

Hydration is essential when you’re running around from morning to night, especially during the colder months when we don’t feel thirst as easily. Keeping yourself properly hydrated reduces hunger and stress while it improves alertness and digestion. Stay away from sodas and soft drinks, even the diet ones. Instead stick to lemon water, green tea, and coconut water.

 Remember to breathe

It may seem like you barely have time to even breath during fashion week, but make a point to be aware of it. If you have 3-5 minutes while waiting on line for your juice to be squeezed, close your eyes and meditate. Focus on your breathing and reconnect with yourself. You’ll be happier and calmer when you open your eyes.

If you’re the busiest person alive and cannot even spare 3 minutes, just remember to smile and laugh. Stay present in the moment and enjoy yourself. Or as they say, Lighten up! It’s just fashion!

Hey Mishka readers can grab a 15% discount for Green Tiye’s upcoming DETOX Master Class program by clicking below and entering the code HMDETOX.

green tiye detox nyfw

Print this post and put it on the inside of your closet door, fashion-addicts! And stay tuned for more very rad content and must-have nutrition advice from Green Tiye.


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