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Guest Post: Colorful Interior Inspiration

January 21, 2013

Today we have a guest post, violets! Mari from the Arcadian Home blog is here to fill you in on festive interior inspirations—a great follow up to from last week’s interior accents round-up. Enjoy!

Hi, everyone! I’m Mari from Arcadian Home blog, a great place to find lots of lovely decorating inspirations. As a writer, I am so fortunate to be able to spend my days exploring what’s happening in the wonderful world of interior design, from soaring ceiling to mini pendant lights. And the best part for me is getting to share my finds with lovely blog readers like you.

I’m so excited to be visiting here at Hey Mishka today for a guest post about festive interior spaces. Mishka says, “I believe every single day is worth celebrating.” Filling one’s home, whether it’s a big city apartment or a cottage in the country, is one way we can all celebrate beauty and life throughout the year. All dressed up in their festive best, here are six of my favorite rooms. I hope you enjoy!

Festive Space

Above: Brilliant color and intriguing pattern bring this sitting room to life. This space just makes me smile. I am fascinated by the multi-hued retro floor lamp. It’s a bold choice to accompany such a traditional chandelier. Of course, just about every element in this room speaks to the design fearlessness of its creator.

Festive Space

Festive is in the eye of the beholder and this happy space seems to represent the optimistic outlook of the city-dwellers who filled this space with their treasured furnishings and found objects. What a lovely eclectic mix!

Festive Space

Here, a lively living room is filled with a quirky mix of colors, shapes and styles. A festive fringed ottoman topped with acrylic offers the perfect place to arrange an eclectic array of colorful table decor.

Festive Space

Pretty deep pink is a lovely way to bring a festive feel to just about any interior space. In this small room, contemporary lamps in pure white fit well within the narrow spaces on either side of the sofa.

Festive Space

Verdant greens and lovely blues create a festive look in this vibrant room design. You’ll notice many splashes of emerald, Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year, have been added to the color palette.

Festive Space

Texture and pattern, especially on the gorgeous rug and toss pillows, transform a somewhat somber room into a festive space. Metallic accessories add their own glam look. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Happy decorating! If you are so inclined, please leave Mishka a comment below to share your take on festive interiors. Be sure to stop by our site for more home decor, lighting fixtures, and interior inspirations!

Many thanks to Mari and the Arcadian Home blog for today’s inspiration!

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  1. January 21, 2013 12:54 PM

    All these rooms are totally my style. Thanks for introducing me!


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