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How to have fun while cleaning your apartment

January 7, 2013

It’s highly likely that one of your resolutions this year is to clean your apartment, de-clutter, and refresh your space. There aren’t many people who don’t long for a clean beginning in the home when January hits. I’m no exception. Last night we tackled the monumental task of cleaning out the refrigerator. It was scarier than you might imagine.

It took about 3 hours to remove all expired contents, sort through my man’s veritable plethora of homemade Peruvian concoctions and wrapped up left-overs, throw out 50% of the items inside (you would not believe some of the expiration dates), scrub the interior and exterior, and then replace everything in an orderly way.

But we did it!


This photo was snapped after only replacing a few things—but when all was said and done, it looked open, airy, crisp and clean. Now when I open the fridge I feel inspired to create a good meal, rather than inspired to run screaming.

While scrubbing away like a bat out of hell I repeatedly reminded myself to stay motivated and jovial about the process and to keep my eye on the prize. In doing so I ended up brainstorming a few ways we can all make cleaning (even the hardcore chores) a lot more enjoyable. Hope this helps!


How to have fun while cleaning your apartment


 Get inspired and stay inspired. How? Create a Pinterest board of adorable, chic, highly functional, clean kitchens that you can see yourself thrilled to cook and congregate in.

Keep those pretty pictures in mind when your arm hurts from sponge-attacking and you find yourself half way inside the fridge cursing at a blob of honey that has frozen in place and won’t budge. Step back, check your Pinterest board, and remember your end goal: a stunningly beautiful kitchen that serves your needs.

 Bonus: To ensure you don’t waste time putting your own board together and fall into the inevitable trap of endless inspiration/no actual productivity via Pinterest, I created a Cute Kitchens board for you to gather up the initial motivation wave.


 Attack one area at a time. When I started scrubbing it was easy for my sponge to trail off  like a gross-seeking missile to the back of the fridge when I eyed a big stain, but I had to refocus and finish the door first. Focusing on one area ensures you don’t miss a spot, and lets you see your progress as you go, which should inspire you to finish the job—with gusto!


 Use non-toxic cleaners, whether they are organic brands or homemade alternatives. You’ll undoubtedly feel better about cleaning if you’re going green while doing so, for the environment and for your health’s sake. Here’s a list of DIY products you can employ this week.


 Bored to death with your run-of-the-mill kitchen sponge? Spruce up your cleaning arsenal with some cute pastry-shaped sponges! Ridiculous? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely.


 Play really good music while you’re doing the dirty work.  Some upbeat, cheesy pop or some soothing vintage French cabaret can lift your mood and even speed up the process. Bonus points for singing along, even if you don’t speak French.


 Promise yourself a treat when you’re done with the big tasks you’ve been avoiding. Maybe it’s a big fat slice of artichoke pizza, or a splurge purchase at your favorite Etsy shop! Be sure it’s not something you allow yourself to do all the time, or it won’t have the same huzzah effect.


  Seriously procrastinating cleaning the house? Just can’t bring yourself to get the work done? Throw a dinner party once a month. That will ensure you’re taking care of domestic to-do’s before your guests come a’knocking.

If that sounds excessive, remember that it can be a low key cocktail party or a movie night, not a big budget affair. You can even let your friends in on your plan, and they might stop in early to help you with last-minute sprucing.


Hope these tips help make your chores, big and small, a bit more fun! If you have tips, share them in the comments! And don’t forget to re-share this post if you found it helpful.

Happy cleaning…

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  1. January 11, 2013 6:53 AM

    Great advice for cleaning the fridge and I think it helps when cleaning the entire apartment. After all, you live there. Music really helps, I should know because I play my favorite music whenever I am cleaning my rentals.

    • January 16, 2013 3:17 AM

      Definitely – these tips work well all over the house. Thanks for stopping by! xx


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