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A Crisp New Year + Champagne Dreams

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! I spent the first day of 2013 sipping green tea and slooowly recovering from one very hectic and festive New Year’s Eve. Big blinging jewels, champagne, a massive feast, and non-stop dancing were all present in a big way. Despite exhaustion and a very sad liver, I also put the finishing touches on my Google doc full of goals and ambitions for 2013.

More on that below. First, obligatory NYE party pics!


My friend Kathy and sister-in-law Becca joined me for some pre-party champagne and Peruvian food before we zipped over to the Lower East Side to ring in 2013 with the Lemon Bucket Orkestra.


I was thrilled that my Indian wedding jewelry arrived in time! If you follow Hey Mishka on facebook, you’ll know I was ordering ornate accessories from India at the last second.








The beautiful dancers of The Kandake were out in full force, too.




Always an amazing time at the eccentric and trans-global Mehanata. I took about 200 photos!


So, resolutions? I have a lot of them. Each year I make them, and I don’t buy into the anti-resolution hype, or the idea that everyone will fail at theirs by mid-February. Resolutions are awesome and no one should ever talk you out of improving yourself!

That said, I’ll just share a few that I think you could mesh with your own list.


 Always have kale chips cookin’. I also aim to co-host a green cook-out with my buddy Green Tiye. Check out her website and get a free health consultation to start your year on a healthy note!

 Make massage, acupuncture, and dance class a regular part of my schedule rather than sporadic outbursts of self-help.

 Start a movie club with my homegirl Zooey where we pick flicks to watch and then share our deep philosophical (haha) thoughts over Skype with wine + cheese.

 Practice positive conversation and avoid any that turn gossipy or shit-talky. Spread love, not BS!

 Make at least 8 of Kimberly Snyder’s recipes and give her Beauty Detox Cleanse a shot.

 Spend one entire week off the grid, whether I travel near or far to do so. Create, sketch, get inspired without the intense distraction of modern living.

 Get a sleek new pair of glasses and wear them with some gorg red lipstick.

 Do an energy cleanse in the apartment. Get matching hangers for all the closets. Make some new curtains. Maybe even get a vacuum!?

 Remove as much toxic as possible from my home. Plastics, chemical-ridden products, things that collect dust, etc. Invest in a good air purifier.

 Learn to make a DIY chai spice balm and other household products from all natural ingredients.

 Sit up straight. Develop regal posture.

 Wear harem pants and beautiful, cozy robes around the house instead of ratty leggings and big frumpy sweaters.

 Actively put into practice all the awesome things I’ve learned from Marie Forleo.

 Spread beauty, festivity, and creativity through Hey Mishka.


…and I’m not off to a slow start when it comes to 2013 productivity, either.

At 10AM  I launch the blog + social media campaign of the French furniture atelier I’ve been working for, and then at 1PM I see Seth Godin—one of my heroes—speak in Chelsea. In the evening I convert the Xmas room back into a design room and prepare for a few months of pattern-perfecting, sewing, and embellishing my debut clothing line.

2013, I’m ready for you!

These are the beautiful gifts that my dear friend Anastasia brought me from Thailand. She arrived back in NYC yesterday. Today I found out she’ll be staying with me for a week or so, and I couldn’t be happier to have such an amazing muse and inspiring friend close by at the start of the new year.



I wish you all an incredible New Year full of clarity, passion, and people who make your heart sing. Don’t forget to treat yourself lovingly, dance, sing, and celebrate every chance you get.

Stay festive and you will be victorious!

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  1. January 15, 2013 12:43 PM

    Looked like the girls had much fun!
    Love the Indian wedding jewelry!!!

    Ok, I’m a liar blog


    • January 16, 2013 2:43 AM

      Thanks Aska — I love me some Indian wedding jewels. xo


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