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Holiday Updates from the Front Line

December 19, 2012

Sooo, I really did intend to be a holiday blogging mastermind this December, delivering daily doses of amazing festive content, resources, style tips, and all-that-jazz. However, as life sometimes does, it became more engaging, demanding, and (yep) exciting than blog world. I decided not to force myself to blog, but to let things run their course.

present box earrings

A taste of what’s been happening:

 I bought earrings shaped like present boxes. Yes.

 My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew land in New York tonight, and they are spending the next 10 days with us. You can’t hear me, but I am already shrieking with bliss.

 I organized an Hurricane Sandy benefit concert and raised enough money to help a family in Brighton Beach get their kids off the floor of their temporary apartment, sleeping in real beds again. It’s not much, but I bet it means a lot to them.

 I’m about to launch my own freaking accessories/vintage line, which is morphing into a full blown clothing line this February. More on this soon. It’s happening and I am so excited.

 I’ve been doing freelance marketing for a super high-end furniture atelier, making weekly tips to their workshop for up-close tours of the insane craftsman ship and beautiful showroom. Having a blast working with them.

 Present shopping, present making, present wrapping.

 Holding down the fort at Denim Therapy, as always! Check out the holiday content over there if you love jeans and want some good reading material.

 Acupuncture, thank the Lord.

 Here’s a fun one: I’m steadily developing a jovial obsession with Bareto (Peruvian cumbia does the trick), though I’ve known of them for a couple of years. Sometimes, things just click. In just a couple days I went from ‘becoming a fan’ to organizing their official after party for their next NYC tour stop. Zing!

 I’m finalizing logistics for an editorial shoot I’ll be styling this January. What’s that? You wanna see my styling portfolio?

 I was selected as a participant in Derek Halpern’s social media/marketing networking event on Park Ave the other night. I met some awesome people and the whiskey sours were spot-on. Follow him, he’s hysterical and he’s kicking everyone else’s ass at marketing/social media growth right now.

 Finally, we made this amazing holiday video for Burdel Dali (the global music dance party I host each week), and I think you need to see it.

Now all I have to do is check off the next 10,000 things on my to-do list and keep wishing for snow. I hope your holidays are progressing in a festive, beautiful way.

P.S. I cry every single time I think about it, but don’t forget to keep praying for the families who lost their little angels last Friday in CT. Love goes a long way to help people heal.

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