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It’s December Resolution Time!

December 1, 2012

Hey violets! I am loving the new WordPress publishing interface—especially the more efficient multiple-image insertion. Ironically my posts have been more words and less images lately. Not for long! The holidays are all about festive visuals and amazing outfits in blog-land, after all.

Today I’m ruminating over December resolutions. We have a full 31 days left of 2012, and it’s time to make the best of them. I don’t mean cramming left-over 2012 resolutions into a list and popping caffeine pills until you’ve crossed them all off. It’s time to reassess and rewrite.

ugly christmas sweater pink


Why are we doing this? Because we can’t be stellar, stylish, illustrious folks if we’re an unfulfilled tinsel-covered mess! Plain and simple.


December Resolutions: How To Make Some Good Ones

 Step 1. Reassess. Grab your 2012 list. Cross off things you told yourself you should do, even though you don’t want to. Resolutions must come with resolve, meaning, you need to have the desire to see them through. They should be inspiring, uplifting, and awesome.

Cross out things you added for novelty factor that don’t really sing to you. Change “Stop being so disgusting” to “Add healthy, nurturing habits to my routine”. This is not a list of reprimand and none of it (I repeat: none of it) should be written in capslock or red font.

Obviously there will be resolutions you didn’t have the time or resolve to complete in 2012. If they still sing to you, keep them on your 2013 list, or move them to a “Life To-Do List”, where you can return to it and pick and choose resolutions and goals for future years.

Don’t forget that we evolve constantly, and not completing certain tasks one year could just mean the universe has other plans first. You’ve gotta make peace with that!


 Step 2. Fill in the blanks. Once you’ve reassessed and have your new-and-improved list, it’s time to add. Add items without fearing not completing them all in 31 days. Add things you have control over. Add things you will wake up excited to do.

For instance: you might resolve to do a massive closet clean out, add a green smoothie to your morning routine, or make peace with an estranged friend before January 1st. You might resolve to get acupuncture, take yourself on a date, or put a new organizational system in place for your paperwork.

But you probably won’t want to add things like “Become fluent in three languages” or “Renovate every room in the house” or  “Fall in love”. Avoid things you can’t control fully, things your ego is asking you to do, or things you just won’t enjoy frantically trying to do in 31 days.


 Step 3. Ruminate. Once you have your twice-updated list, write it or print it out and hang it up where you can read it through once or twice a day. Keep these immediate goals for the rest of the year in front of you, and pick one thing to work on daily. Progress is everything, so don’t obsess over completion or perfection.

To make this list work for you rather than serve as a stark reminder of all-that-needs-changing, approach it knowing your desire for personal development and general progress is awesome, and it should be a fun/festive/uplifting haul.


Please, dear readers, avoid the heaviness of obligation and guilt! If you look at your list and your blood runs cold, or you hear scary violin music in your head, rip that thing  up and go run around outside.

Good luck and Happy December!


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