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Happy Thanksgiving! I’m Grateful For…

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re all preparing for a day of exquisite food and quality time with the people you love. If you haven’t had a chance, check out my tips and links for making the day an amazing one—and though you’ll be rushing around in a holiday frenzy, don’t forget to spend some time ruminating over the things you’re grateful for.

free people autumn catalogue boho

I’m grateful for…

 My beautiful apartment (which thankfully did not sustain hurricane damage), where I live with my love and our Rajasthani puppet, Raj. My mint green kitchen, my home office full of dried roses, our addictive Tempurpedic mattress  and all the cozy things that make this space feel like home.

 My incredible, talented, supportive family, recently expanded with the addition of my nephew Otto and my sister-in-law Becca. I am beyond grateful that I will be spending the holidays with them this year.

 My creative vision, my self-propelled career—which might not pay as much as I’d like it to yet, but I’m getting closer all the time—and all of the creative muses and inspirations I am surrounded by every day.

 My beautiful friends (seriously, they are such an aesthetically pleasing bunch), with their beautiful hearts and never ending willingness to share experiences both good and bad.

 My digital mentors that I look to each day for inspiration. They may not know I exist, but I send gratitude their way every day: Seth Godin, Marie Forleo, Kate Northup, Leonie Dawson, Kris Carr, Peter Walsh, Kimberly Snyder, Martha Stewart, Karim Rashid, and most recently, The Wellness Warrior, AKA Jessica Ainscough. (Yes, click on all of those!)


This list doesn’t even shave the tip off the iceberg of blessings, but I’ll keep writing this list in my head as the day goes on. I hope you’ll do the same.

What are you grateful for?

Image via Free People.

P.S. Check out Marie Forleo’s video on…the dark side of gratitude. Dun dun dun!!

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