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Have An Amazing Thanksgiving With These Tips, Tricks & DIY Projects

November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving is upon us! Which is crazy, since Halloween was practically yesterday. But as fast as time flies, it’s better to be prepared than resist the inevitable obligations and indulging. I’ve pulled together some links you might find useful if you’re traveling, hosting, or otherwise celebrating on Thursday.

retro vintage thanksgiving greeting

Travel & Visiting

 Traveling to see family or friends for Thanksgiving? Nutrition expert Kimberly Snyder has a few tips for traveling in style and avoiding the most common beauty & nutrition mishaps along the way.

 Here’s a great gift idea for your host or hostess: a Thanksgiving gratitude journal. Feeling crafty? Download this free winter hat pattern and make them an accessory from an old sweater.

 Wear something comfortable, with room for your temporarily expanded waistline, like these bright & stylish leggings by Topshop (with an oversized sweater, obvi).

 If you need a quick makeup removal solution while you’re on the road, make your own makeup wipes before you leave.

 If traveling stresses you out during the holidays, be sure to print out these stress-reducing breathing & muscle relaxing techniques to keep on hand at all times. Try to squeeze in a 20 minute yoga exercise in the morning too.


Hosting & Preparing

 Get your spices in order before the big cooking & baking marathon begins, and enjoy a more efficient cabinet-browsing experience!

 For a clever and simple centerpiece that works in a small kitchen without looking cluttered, try these candle and coffee bean glass votives. You can also work in some bohemian charm with painted metallic feathers.

 Want to serve a sweet appetizer? Try this roasted cranberry sauce with orange zest and cinnamon.

 Having whiskey after dinner? Make your own sweet and sour mix instead of using chemical-infused store bought alternatives.

 If you’re in charge of dessert, never fear. You can’t go wrong with this amazing line up of Thanksgiving treats.

Got some tips? Leave them in the comments. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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